Have Mercy

I contemplate suicide but you feeling guilty is what keeps me alive

I don’t want to point fingers or call names

It’s love that keeps me alive and I would never regret feeling this way.

Purpose for what it’s worth is expensive

Dignity is a rich mans trash

Endurance is treasure to the wanders

Wondering what exists in the darkness

They call space

The space

Vacuuming and consuming

Nobody sees the ugly parts of galaxies

Aliens are make believe

You are the furthest thing from perfect

The flaws are what make it worth it

Floss until you get under the surface

Rediscovering the left over pieces of your heart

You hid when you were a kid.

Squeeze those feelings

Caress those fears

Kiss the blemishes everyone told you not to pop

Now they are scars but to your face they call them beauty marks

They’re moles

Informants of the soul

The map telling your thoughts to your heart

Only to realize you’ve struck gold.




Have mercy

On the ones who think they are beyond hurting

No fucks left to give but reciting every fuckme

Fuck my life

But if anyone asks

Shit isn’t so bad

When you think about your life without considering your past

Make it last

Make it fast

But don’t come too soon

This little light of mine

Ain’t so bright with out the

sun or the moon.


This Plane

As I’m on this plane, I’m writing our names in the clouds.

Though I miss you extremely despite the elevation I still feel high.

It’s almost impossible to explain your touch, the clouds know it’s hard to keep dry eyes.

This seat is uncomfortable because it’s not your lap.

My body will ache for some months because your not attached, and all these people need to shut the fuck up because they sound nothing like your laugh.

When the train arrived your words hugged me the whole ride, giving me the comfort of knowing this isn’t a goodbye.

That whole ride I cried, I still feel as though I’m dying inside.

Instead like the winds you kept strong for me.

I saw the love in your eyes and felt the warmth in your heart.

I know things will change temporarily but what remains is the love in our hearts.

I’ll always be there and you’ll always be here.

No one nor thing will be able to fill the void in our hearts.

A race against insanity, seems like life never wants us to get a head start.

I feel miserable, I want to cry, but deep inside I know my tears aren’t invisible.

I don’t these people bugging asking me what’s wrong.

I might scream, and curse…cause deep inside I wanna strap something to chest and let them all feel my hurt.

I’m shaking my head.

I keep complaining, and complaining this feeling isnt forever.

Already my heads getting fucked up, no more time to be selfish…

this battle is against time.

I have end this because the more I write,
the more tears that build up.

Just know that I’m with you.

I Love You.


Dragon Days

My heart loves you more than my mind is allowing myself. The deeper I fall, the less fear.
My heart beats to a different rhythm; too excited it skips it’s beats. Overwhelmed with emotions, I hiccup on my thoughts. I am Hungry. Yearning to devour your heart, you so sweetly catered to me in the palms of your hand. A closed mouth won’t get fed. Sealed lips hold my words captive, bruised ribs protect my own heart, it’s tender. My full mind aches unspeakable curiosity.

King, defeat the dragon!

I feel – as though my hearts burning in the fury of my own fire. The desire, your optical liquidation quenches my thirst. My own tears drown me within the approaching tomorrow; I am impatient. Will your way into the ability to read my mind, when the cat has my tongue. Allow me to lounge in your clothes, and walk in my shoes –  dig your heel into the sole, and my reacquaint me with my own. This sleep deprivation has me writing too revealing. Can it be possible that my words need rest?


Morning Thoughts & Night Dreams

Morning Thoughts & Night Dreams


Things just aren’t the same, it’s not what it use to be.

We aren’t who we use to be, we did something that changed us.



Now the reality is too harsh to deal with, but life is all about balance…right?

I guess I have to find compatibility in these tribulations.

I make sure I don’t keep my head down and dwell, I just look up and ask for guidance.



Scared the past will become the present,

Which is a gift I’d rather not receive.


I know history repeats itself, so I begin preparation for battle.

This cold war in a vacant heart, it’s difficult to declare the winner.

I keep paper in my back pocket, my pen behind my ear, and a mind that never stops racing.


I slow down my breathing so I can hear.


Who’s that peaking in my library?

I know my life’s an open book, but you can’t rewrite history.

We all have pages we want rip out, or would much rather revise.

Your autobiography has already been published.


Who’s that laughing in my library?

This is private, you shouldn’t be here!




I’m out of breathe chasing my enemy.

Chasing the thought that I actually had friends that weren’t kin to me.



This isn’t the textbook stuff

It’s the shit they don’t want you to read.



Oppressors suffocating themselves with self esteem; while the oppressed live blissfully.

Finding the fineness in the shiniest aesthetics.



But I’m trynna to be the change I want to see.




I prepare myself for this battle.


This battle.

This battle.

This battle is


World War Me.



When the Hands Touch

I lifted my hand to raise the bar,

You lifted your hand with anger to discharge.


Flirting with poetic justice behind these thin bars.

It kills me to see this love dying.


 it’s even worse knowing I’m a part.


We started a garden, and you’ve mistreated our seeds.

It takes a city to raise a tree,

and a village to nurture their growth successfully.


To look at you is gruesome.


How did we split ways like X, come together, then arrive at an end like Z.



Who am I to say?…the least

Who am I if I stay?


 I spread my wings as that of a seagull;

Heading towards the Bay because I see goals I’m striving to obtain.


 That I put behind your pride,

The same position you left the knife in my back.



I rose to realize your lies and I were laying one in the same.

Instead I laid with my loves, our hearts one in the same.


You appear once again, at the crossroads of Insane and Who to blame.

Blame it on the Alcohol, the Girls, the Weed, just not Me.


You can point two fingers, but those other six aren’t pointed towards Me.


We were the arrows, when you felt lost

We pointed back, leaving you an open seat.

You chose paths before day broke.


is it the money?



I wouldn’t pay a penny out of my 2-sense for a dollar worth of your thoughts.

Looking for a quarter figure in a dime worth no more then a nickel.


Money makes the world go round,

You’re circling betrayal chasing behind confusion.

This disillusion is far more real than what you can fathom, and still have yet to feel.


When the pain kicks in,

I hope the waters overflow the sky;

Allowing me to taste your tears in the raindrops during my parade.


I know your up there hiding somewhere…





The Grand Exit

The last time I remember you; I saw your body sideways leaving out the door.

Last night still had my mind in a daze; I’m sitting up this morning in my bed remembering the days you remembered me.

When the nights went into the mornings; it was clear to me that this love was Satan’s miracle.

I loved the hell out of you, now Ive met my pinnacle.

Those lips smiled, those pearly gates parted, and out crept the blues

You missed me didn’t you?”

Feeling like the drum getting played in this solo.

Meaning you were never present for today’s, but I could always count on you for “couldn’t waits”.

Waiting for your call; do you really wonder why I am up so late? I contemplate.

Why must these trees and these lakes of liquor complicate things?

Standing in the shower wishing it’d bring the heat, and rain harder.

That the radio and the water would some how create thunder, and electrify my spirit –

Free Me.

From this being I love to be in me, but cant stand being apart of.

That’s not love. That’s not lust. Was there really never any trust?

This relationship has rusted. Quickly we are sinking.

Me deeply and you wallow in the shallow end.

But I still pretend that we’re just friends, with the benefits of exercising passion.

So as I am laying here watching you walk out;

Like damn Y? X is the reason.

Seasons change. Feelings stay the same, except this time…

I am the one leaving.



Loves Crushing Piracy

Climb into my mind and see

Swimming through my feelings

It’s you I’m thinking of

Frankly, I think my oceans deep enough.

I hope you swim good.

Theres still a few lost at sea.



Robbed the booty, and

Walked the plank.

Then wondering why my cannons out.

Trying to relate ships.

Trying to become mates.

So I set sails and drift away.

They asking where I’m going,

I’m trying to see what’s past the horizon.

Like there has to be a reason why the sun sets behind it,

Together it’s so beautiful.

I’m getting tired seeing this water,

Ignoring the simple fact that answers are within.

Don’t read this and get see sick on this journey through my mind.

You can exit through my eyes.

So you can see where I’m headed.

If not,

There’s another exit,

My behind.

Putting up fronts but when really what he has turned to me are his back.

I’ve been there,

Bending down on one knee, anchoring my helping hand.

Then as soon as he grabbed hold.

I wake up in the same place as the rest of them.

Asking, “why are you so tall?”

But he can’t hear me.

The smoke is loud and the lights are bright.

Laying in the dimness of my being,

In actuality it was his shadow.

But You swore to me I was your guiding light.

Flashing lights,

Flash backs.

I wear glasses in secrecy,

The clarity is sometimes hard to bare.

I have 2 naked eyes, and don’t like keeping them closed.

Exposed to Everyone.

I put on an eyepatch.

It’s said, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, but

How can you get in, if you don’t have both keys?


Stay with me please.


So now I’m walking around awkward as fuck.

Who would want to fall in Love with a Cyclopes like me?

I remove the patch.

Instead I stay with a pair of shades, like a pair of shoes to my feet.

Like Michael and his J’s.

I don’t know if I’m asking to be loved, or

Warning you not to love me.

I guess it’s up to you, how do you steer?

Should I keep it up notch,

Tho I’m more comfortable in neutral?

Does your mind control your feelings?

Im I getting to deep in to you personal.

My mine can barely control the excessive giggles that start when you get my heart jumping.

Dare to hop aboard?

Promise I won’t scar if you change your mind and decide to leave.

Tho my heart bleed internally, what more damage could it do when its constantly beating me to death,

But I’m not complaining.

A captain always goes down with their ship.

So this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been drown by my feelings, gasping for breaths in between tears.

Below sea level.

I rise above it, and

I ride the waves.

Beyond see level.


That’s how I ease the pain.

I hope atleast for now you won’t touch the chest,

In which my hearts lays,

Until you’re ready.