Morning Thoughts & Night Dreams

Morning Thoughts & Night Dreams


Things just aren’t the same, it’s not what it use to be.

We aren’t who we use to be, we did something that changed us.



Now the reality is too harsh to deal with, but life is all about balance…right?

I guess I have to find compatibility in these tribulations.

I make sure I don’t keep my head down and dwell, I just look up and ask for guidance.



Scared the past will become the present,

Which is a gift I’d rather not receive.


I know history repeats itself, so I begin preparation for battle.

This cold war in a vacant heart, it’s difficult to declare the winner.

I keep paper in my back pocket, my pen behind my ear, and a mind that never stops racing.


I slow down my breathing so I can hear.


Who’s that peaking in my library?

I know my life’s an open book, but you can’t rewrite history.

We all have pages we want rip out, or would much rather revise.

Your autobiography has already been published.


Who’s that laughing in my library?

This is private, you shouldn’t be here!




I’m out of breathe chasing my enemy.

Chasing the thought that I actually had friends that weren’t kin to me.



This isn’t the textbook stuff

It’s the shit they don’t want you to read.



Oppressors suffocating themselves with self esteem; while the oppressed live blissfully.

Finding the fineness in the shiniest aesthetics.



But I’m trynna to be the change I want to see.




I prepare myself for this battle.


This battle.

This battle.

This battle is


World War Me.



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