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I find this to be pretty Self-Explanatory. These are pieces that do not fall under a specific category..

Everything is Black

Everything is black —

I can’t remember much

Just the touch of the Angels that’s helping me up.

Looking at my stiffened body is chilling.

As I

Throw my head back – the smoke has me ascending.

Deep breathes spread the embers that keep my soul lit.

I wander

I find myself walking towards the light with a regrettable peacefulness.

The roots have been spoiled with magic and shaded by myths.

Is this a test?

A trust testament of my growth or just the repercussions of my actions.

I am at a loss for words, incomplete sentences like ad-libs.

I am wondering.

Searching for the nouns like symbols and the beats of adjectives like mad-lib.

I am running.

Racing my shadow like I’ve rescued my inner child.

Now we’re crying so hysterically it turns into laughter.

And then…

Everything is black.



The Storms Arrival


Another levy in my heart broke.

This flood of emotions took over my being, not just my body.

This is a type of pain I am familiar with, but haven’t seen since the last disaster.

At this point I have applied so many stitches…I am barely holding on to this last piece of thread.

Face it

I’m damaged goods.

Face it.

Face her.

Face yourself at the fork in the road.

Before you reach the emptiness that held my love in place.

That in-between

That uncertainty

Like the choice of whether you’ll take the streets or the highway.

The highway is too much freedom, and we’ll get where we’re too fast…which is nowhere.

Instead you use the backstreets to buy time, little did you know, I too am paying attention.

The rain is getting heavy now.

My soul feels like it’s drowning in my body.

I’d give anything not feel anything right now.

I’ve learned

I can prepare for a storm, but I can’t predict it.


A Natural Disaster

Should I have assumed this was quicksand?

I’ve always been intrigued by the gentleness of the beach.

Upon my arrival, the land was dry

My tears reached the surface and my breaths shortened.

I looked down…I am drowning,

Treading through thoughts of my own anxiety.

This could be considered a natural disaster.

Trying to hold on…just hold on….

Just save me but sacrifice yourself.


Tomorrow Morrows, Today’s Present

I love you like tomorrow

Longing for you to come around, but unsure its worth it

There’s this lingering mystery, but really everyday turns out to be the same.

I want you to keep me up at night, because you can’t wait to see me.

I love you like tomorrow, tho there are times you treat me like yesterday.

I see a future with you, but

I’m so worried you won’t stay…