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I find this to be pretty Self-Explanatory. These are pieces that do not fall under a specific category..

A Natural Disaster

Should I have assumed this was quicksand?

I’ve always been intrigued by the gentleness of the beach.

Upon my arrival, the land was dry

My tears reached the surface and my breaths shortened.

I looked down…I am drowning,

Treading through thoughts of my own anxiety.

This could be considered a natural disaster.

Trying to hold on…just hold on….

Just save me but sacrifice yourself.



Tomorrow Morrows, Today’s Present

I love you like tomorrow

Longing for you to come around, but unsure its worth it

There’s this lingering mystery, but really everyday turns out to be the same.

I want you to keep me up at night, because you can’t wait to see me.

I love you like tomorrow, tho there are times you treat me like yesterday.

I see a future with you, but

I’m so worried you won’t stay…


The Empty Seat

You have such pretty wrists,

with veins ready to erupt.

After the rush returns, the agony continues haunting you like nightmare filled sleep.

In your broken reality describe beauty.

Smiling can be deceiving;

Eyes become narratives in what seems to be fiction.

Depicting tall tales, while everyone looks down on you.

The skies are grey and spotting silver linings are impossible

Hypothesizing solutions with pessimism and without patience.

These crying clouds resemble the look in your eyes.

Puffy and encircled in shadows.

You sweet child,

I can taste your innocence.

You seem stuck —

I lend my hand as leverage to help you up.

Stand on your feet not your hands.

Stand over life in triumph, without settling for ab-use.

Hardships come and go, tho it may sound like cliche

Everyone’s pain is different.

In the other hand,

I feel yours.

My press my ear against your illusions —

I hear your voice is hoarse from the screaming thoughts.

the “Why’s” and “Please”

Daily sculpting of symmetric tattoos, scarred geometry along your forearm.

Hieroglyphics caused by internal bleeding and bruising.

I can see into your heart,

Your pain is transcribed inmy mind as art.

I’ve never been here with you, but Ive come close.

Close enough to smell the color red…

Close to holding a knife, pulling a trigger, binging on liquor, or overdosing on drugs.

But the thoughts of losing myself doesn’t electrify me enough to pull the plug.

That would be too easy.


I am


Trying to reacquaint myself with love.

At the same time, not wanting to be touched, but I yearning to feel the affection.

Everyone can surround the empty seat, but

I see you..

Do you feel me writing?

I am wishful my words will find you, despite the fact you’re hiding.



Confidently Lost

Your kisses feel like wet cotton.

Your embrace is energizing like hot coffee.

I notice you have this glaze in your eye that could make a donut jealous…

Each moment is memorizing, like a dream that’s never ending.

Existing in this space together; such closeness can be invigorating.

Who knew we could time travel?

Behold the future.

Who knew there could be privacy in honesty?

Trusting you with the a version of myself I have yet to accept.

Who knew beauty could exist in such awkwardness?

Giving me the chance to feel special through the blues.

Talking all that jazz, whispering sweet nothings..

smooth like a 90s R&B single.

They don’t know…

You make me wanna..

Love a little bit harder, hold on tight,  so we can get stronger

In the face of right and wrong

Everything is everything, but nothing even matters.

Disown the mis-education of unconditional love.