Ground Zero


I am Vigilant Leighrick, The Poetic Poetic Renegade. I am not quite sure how long I’ve been living, but I know that I’ve been misunderstood my entire life, probably even in this moment we’re sharing. This blog is a reminder to do two things Listen & Love. The purpose of the blog is to open your eyes to your heart.

This disconnect has been exciting, challenging, humorous, heartbreaking, and the list can go on. I have loved and I have lost. I have wandered and wondered, and I have created an endless spiral to express and identify who I am.

I am a chameleon. Blending. Observing. Slow moving. Defensive.
I have been open. I have been broken. I have been broken open.

I am energy. I am a movement. Do you relate?

I am okay being naked, but are you comfortable looking?
I am a spirit…more than what meets the eye.
The tears I’ve cried are poetry.

I am masculine & I am feminine.
I am everything that makes you uncomfortable and confused. I am a mystery so enticing you can’t stop looking, asking, laughing, emulating.

I am stimulating.
I am Kriptik.
Knowledge Revealed In Poetry Through Influential Kreations.

I believe you are just as beautiful as you are ugly.
That’s sexy.

I love to create.
I love to love.
I love to listen.
I love you.

Everyday I rise.
We rise together.
Some may fly…
Some may sink…

I support individuality.
I support community.
I support Love.

Don’t feed fears.
Don’t be afraid to live.

Live Kriptik.

– Vigilant Leighrick, Poetic Renegade