Everything is Black

Everything is black —

I can’t remember much

Just the touch of the Angels that’s helping me up.

Looking at my stiffened body is chilling.

As I

Throw my head back – the smoke has me ascending.

Deep breathes spread the embers that keep my soul lit.

I wander

I find myself walking towards the light with a regrettable peacefulness.

The roots have been spoiled with magic and shaded by myths.

Is this a test?

A trust testament of my growth or just the repercussions of my actions.

I am at a loss for words, incomplete sentences like ad-libs.

I am wondering.

Searching for the nouns like symbols and the beats of adjectives like mad-lib.

I am running.

Racing my shadow like I’ve rescued my inner child.

Now we’re crying so hysterically it turns into laughter.

And then…

Everything is black.


Devils Food Cake : Opposite Day

I don’t touch that bottle

my father’s finger prints are permanent,

Sometimes he’d mistake my neck for a bottle.


They say the Skyy is the limit,

but he didn’t think that was enough.

Blood brothers with Jack,

Intoxicated visions of him being Daniel

In a lions den, I remember vividly

as he got up from his throne, and slammed the door

Lying telling me he’d be right back.


Every attempt my mother took to turn her back

He’d whip it.

Repeatedly, Repeatedly, Repeatedly

Cries like a broken record,

Broken heart

Broken ribs

No Protection.


he’d leave with a satisfied appetite of affection.


We had covered all mirrors in the house,

Bruised pride

Swollen eyes

and a transparent reflection.


We were only dependents

with no sense of declaration.

Longing to be rescued,

but cowardly courage was always a distraction.

No ends to support our means.

No knowledge of definitions,


Love was pain

and Love was what we longed for,

so our only option was to remain.


He was raping our personalities.

We were no longer people,

but soon to be fatalities.


And we were.



On the anniversary of my birth,

he turned the station wagon into a hearse,

and while he was driving,

he was trying to decipher his reality from his wishes

and as the vehicle  was swerving,

I threw up regret, and —



I woke up.

At last, the truth was revealed

the world was finally upside down,

like I had always thought it’d been.


I remember rounds of hollow tips

were fired into the vacancy of my chest,

but in my dream I had mistaken the sound of my mothers screams for bullets.



On the anniversary of my birth…

My father killed my Mother,

My mother gave birth to my baby Brother,

and God taught him how to fly,

before my father stripped him of his wings.


So when I woke up,

My father presented me with an upside down cake,

and with out saying any words,

he looked me deep past my eyelids,

wiped my eyes,

and said ‘Happy Birthday’.



There is no limit to Skyy,

No better friends than E&J,

No Better Amo than Yeager-bombs,


No better Freedom than Death.



Seeing Sinking Ships

Seeing Sinking Ships

I see you rowing the boat I was once stuck in.

I was looking for an island or somewhere to rest my head,

Cause I was stressing from the questions.

I was hurt from the guilt of winds that kept blowing in my direction.

I know it hurts and even with a life vest on, it still feels as tho you’re drowning.

That relation-ship’s anchor broke loose and left a hole.

You’re sinking in your melancholy, yet you find yourself floating in the right direction.

Peep the radars, even in extreme stealth they’ll still manage to find you.

Hearts ain’t no joke, so what’s suppose to be punchlines are more like knockouts.

Some how this all defines you —

What do you do when the person you love defies you?

All this time staring love in the face, but it was made up…

They threw your heart back in your face, you were being lied to.

What should you do?

Your heart cant think, but your mind is the reason you feel the way you do.

All the broken promises and fuzzy memories.

I remember — you don’t need to keep reminding me of what we use to be!

How could this even be?

How was I not able to see?

Falling for another, yet you always seem to catch me.

I had grown complacent with it being a thought,  maybe even a reoccurring dream, but I refuse to make this pain my reality.


Symphony of Cries

Scrolling through any social network, watching the news, reading the many articles written about this world today often leaves me with sickness. Children, your future, my future, our future…THEIR FUTURE is being tarnished, cut short, and manipulated. It really hurt (for lack of better words) when I read about the abuse, neglect, malnutrition of children; who do not asked to be brought into this ball of atrocity we call a world. Today, I read that a 6 month old baby got shot 5 times in Chicago. My heart is  in mourning, R.I.P to Johnylah Watkins and to all the other fallen babies, children, teenagers, people around the world.


Symphony of Cries

Harmonize the crying children.

Turn their sobs of sorrow into

Melodies of hope and intuition.


Gather the chorus.

Line them up by the level desperation to be understood.


Conduct the songs of everlasting love and inspiration.


Someone call the symphony.

Tell them they’re late.

Tell them not to come.

We don’t need to add the sounds of pity, so leave the violin section out.



Bring out the Orchestra

Let the Saxophones, Guitars, Trumpets, and Drums beat out

the Lies & Mind control.


Visualize the music notes soaring into the sore hearts of the crying child inside

constantly asking, “why?”


The healing is remarkable, if my words fail the music of my creativity should speak.

And say to the Choir of Crying children that mistakes are inevitable.


This is dedicated to the children that cant understand the gospel.


They don’t understand who they are, or who they’re suppose to be.


This is dedicated to all the children who want to show themselves.

But the cities smog is too thick.


For these screaming children

I take off my sunglasses.

Extract the ink from my veins.

Subtract all positive vibes from my heart.

And with a lost voice, sing songs of purity and understanding.


For these screaming children

Id save every tear I shed in  water bottles because they are left with a thirst for knowledge.


For these screaming children

Id give away all my clothes, because this world was cold and they’re left outside bare.

Naked Truth.


For these screaming children

I will position my hands and we’ll all kneel for prayer.


Harmonize the crying children.

Turn the sobs of sorrow into

Melodies of love and meditation.

This music is restless yet peaceful.


Who is the conductor of this concert?


I have yet to answer this question

but if you find them…


Ask them to describe the difference between Hell, Earth, and Heaven.

Because us confused children, are screaming and crying, searching for the difference.