Coaching Habits

Every time we talk, you ain’t trying to listen

Dismissing us because of something you’re missing

Raising our hands, and you continue to not pay attention

Screaming through our actions, not for long will we remain submissive

You play your favorite cards but your poker face isn’t shit

Often times you seem delirious leaving us curious like the

Closer to the edge we run, we see your finger in position

To push us but we are gaining strength, and holding on to one another

but if one let’s go, we’re all falling together

No matter the weather, we fight through the storms

Hailing mockery and name-calling,

Not long will we stand for the belittlement of ourselves.

Too much pride to put aside, often we get beside ourselves.

Between these four walls we continue to tread through hell.

Born champions trying to prevail

Talent quiet like church mice instead your ignorance echoes like a bell.

To the point where it haunts and distracts us mentally.

You find it coincidental that we’re clueless, but only time will tell.

We’re suppose to look up to you, but how when you’re always looking down?

Frowning and whining

We become mad with trembling bodies and eyes cloudy,

we’re biting our tongues so hard, it just might strike lightening.

You’ll probably never read this, but

I hope you find the energy of the thoughts enlightening.

But as the saying goes…

You can’t teach a blind man how to see.

Seeing Sinking Ships

Seeing Sinking Ships

I see you rowing the boat I was once stuck in.

I was looking for an island or somewhere to rest my head,

Cause I was stressing from the questions.

I was hurt from the guilt of winds that kept blowing in my direction.

I know it hurts and even with a life vest on, it still feels as tho you’re drowning.

That relation-ship’s anchor broke loose and left a hole.

You’re sinking in your melancholy, yet you find yourself floating in the right direction.

Peep the radars, even in extreme stealth they’ll still manage to find you.

Hearts ain’t no joke, so what’s suppose to be punchlines are more like knockouts.

Some how this all defines you —

What do you do when the person you love defies you?

All this time staring love in the face, but it was made up…

They threw your heart back in your face, you were being lied to.

What should you do?

Your heart cant think, but your mind is the reason you feel the way you do.

All the broken promises and fuzzy memories.

I remember — you don’t need to keep reminding me of what we use to be!

How could this even be?

How was I not able to see?

Falling for another, yet you always seem to catch me.

I had grown complacent with it being a thought,  maybe even a reoccurring dream, but I refuse to make this pain my reality.