Coaching Habits

Every time we talk, you ain’t trying to listen

Dismissing us because of something you’re missing

Raising our hands, and you continue to not pay attention

Screaming through our actions, not for long will we remain submissive

You play your favorite cards but your poker face isn’t shit

Often times you seem delirious leaving us curious like the

Closer to the edge we run, we see your finger in position

To push us but we are gaining strength, and holding on to one another

but if one let’s go, we’re all falling together

No matter the weather, we fight through the storms

Hailing mockery and name-calling,

Not long will we stand for the belittlement of ourselves.

Too much pride to put aside, often we get beside ourselves.

Between these four walls we continue to tread through hell.

Born champions trying to prevail

Talent quiet like church mice instead your ignorance echoes like a bell.

To the point where it haunts and distracts us mentally.

You find it coincidental that we’re clueless, but only time will tell.

We’re suppose to look up to you, but how when you’re always looking down?

Frowning and whining

We become mad with trembling bodies and eyes cloudy,

we’re biting our tongues so hard, it just might strike lightening.

You’ll probably never read this, but

I hope you find the energy of the thoughts enlightening.

But as the saying goes…

You can’t teach a blind man how to see.

Chain Music

Chain so big I c’aint pop my collar,

wouldn’t dare to sell yourself short,

but you’d sell you soul for a dollar.


Its all good tho, cause when they see you,

you gone have a chain so big you c’aint pop yo collar.


However, You see diamonds and I see blood.

You see chains, and I see rope,

so if you can’t hang with the message within the words,

you might want to cut loose, while your ahead.


You see grills, and I see a jaw wired shut,

another American idle, idle of a voice…


See the weight of that chain is not only allowing you to display your foolishness,

but it is weighing you down from what you’ve been destined to be..





They’ve stripped us of all crowns, culture, and language.


Our ancestors have lived with the chains around their neck, wrists, and ankles

for hundreds of years, and sat in a lifetime full of tears,

just for them rust and break free.

Striving to regain our Royalty, but you refuse to be Loyal.


While you see Whips and Chains,

I’m only seeing Whips and Chains,


While I record our Mother’s cries of help, replaying them in my mind,

memorizing every note, reminding myself that this is the fuel to the ambition in my Soul.


You rerecord these songs, and reiterate to the world that your ignorant.


Think Free.


They gather you in groups, and now you’ve become the groupie.

They have that chain around your neck so tight, your unable to pop your collar,

As your trying to signify your dominance, your spiritually dying.

Yet you have fallen like a Domino, according to the set-up.


Chain so big you cant pop your collar.

Now the shades have come off, you’ve turned to me

Looking me in the eye, as they glorify the illumination of the hatred for your brethren.

Upset at me, because I’m free from the chains.


You’ll never be free from behind those bars, until you stop investing in cribs.

You’ll never be rid the scars, if you keep investing in whips.

You keep bragging bout your chain being so big, you c’aint pop your collar,

but you’ll always be at their finger tips…



Natural Selection : Ignorant Humor

Its Funny.


Funny to that, we think.


We think our ideas are unique.


Out of the millions among us,

living and deceased.


We think of ourselves as the


Definition of Originality.


What he thought was clever,

the next man thought of it as a joke,


What this woman’s been dreaming of,

many elder women already wrote.


So if you’re thinking to get ahead,

You’re already behind.


Instead think enrichment,

because all the riches in the world,

can’t buy you enlightenment..


There is a reason.

There are resolutions.


If only,

U – N – I


Hence forming an


In which



Agility & Love.



The retrogression of our development will cease.

The blind will then see,

The dead will bury the dead.


Thus the evolution will occur.

Spiritual & Mental.


So you tell me,

What do you think this piece is about?