Have Mercy

I contemplate suicide but you feeling guilty is what keeps me alive

I don’t want to point fingers or call names

It’s love that keeps me alive and I would never regret feeling this way.

Purpose for what it’s worth is expensive

Dignity is a rich mans trash

Endurance is treasure to the wanders

Wondering what exists in the darkness

They call space

The space

Vacuuming and consuming

Nobody sees the ugly parts of galaxies

Aliens are make believe

You are the furthest thing from perfect

The flaws are what make it worth it

Floss until you get under the surface

Rediscovering the left over pieces of your heart

You hid when you were a kid.

Squeeze those feelings

Caress those fears

Kiss the blemishes everyone told you not to pop

Now they are scars but to your face they call them beauty marks

They’re moles

Informants of the soul

The map telling your thoughts to your heart

Only to realize you’ve struck gold.




Have mercy

On the ones who think they are beyond hurting

No fucks left to give but reciting every fuckme

Fuck my life

But if anyone asks

Shit isn’t so bad

When you think about your life without considering your past

Make it last

Make it fast

But don’t come too soon

This little light of mine

Ain’t so bright with out the

sun or the moon.


Rain Again

The clouds crowd around the sun, like moths to a bright light. This hue of blue turned grey. I guess there really are 50 shades. Even tho it’s dismal outside, I’ll still wear my shades. You can stare,but you can’t see past the glass. The rain starts to fall, yet the drops are graceful. I use to hate this, until I witnessed a tree smile. Showering me all while sheltering me, this feeling can only be a mother’s unconditional love. Now i dance in the rain instead of slump with my head down, sometimes the sun gets jealous. The clouds begin to part, the sun wants all the shine. Like the stars, the ones we can follow along the red velvet to see on display. The real stars are smart and stay out of reach, but occasionally they shoot trying to catch our dreams,and put motion to our wishes. The reflection of the oceans, I can’t swim but I can fly. I’m just learning how land, It’s not as easy as taking flight. The air here is thin, but crisp. I bask in the softness of the clouds, and let melodies of the sun rays whisper sweet nothings of silence. Interrupting my tranquility is a parade — I predict it will rain again tomorrow.


Phenomenal Woman

For all that you have given me,

I can return but love.

On the days when the sun isn’t shining so bright,

Your smile brightens my world, and glistening in your smile is your heart of gold.

Your eyes caress my uneasiness, letting me know everything will be okay.

How can you know how much you mean to me?

After a number of heartaches, there unconditional love lays.

Blessed I am, for the woman you are, and the one I will become.

Since birth it’s been you & I.

I know I have a lot of siblings,

You share a separate yet special bond with each us.

But lately, I’ve been caught up in this growth between myself and my pride.

I know I haven’t been an easy child, however

I’m just trying to express to you my apologies.


I look into your eyes and see the wounds on your soul, your hurt.

I admire what you’ve provided me with.

I am grateful.


Anyone can see it in our lives,

The joy each one of us derives,

in just knowing that the other one is there –

To care and understand,

To lend an ear or hold a hand,

And celebrate in the memories and love we share.



You’ve passed onto me your elegant attributes.




Your hugs are laced with tender, loving, care.

Your kisses calm down my heart, and give me reassurance that you’ll always be there.

Phenomenal Woman.

Your skin glows, radiant with triumph.


My inspiration to become everything, you know I can be.

You helped to build my mind.

And I want you to know –

The thought of you by me

Makes me smile and give thanks to God for having you in my life.


We will be close

Forever, not just for a while.

I appreciate my mother.


Gentle yet Strong.

You’ve been patient when I’m foolish;

You give me guidance even when I don’t ask.

Its evident you can do most anything;

A master of every task.

You’ve been my cushion when I fall.

Help in times of trouble.

I love you more than you know,

You have my entirety of respect.

And if God gave me my choice of mothers,

There would be no question,

You’d be the one I would select.


Although time is non-directional, it always moves forward.

We have memories to look back on, and I am able to bask in your love.

It’s said,

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness”

Well it doesn’t just take mother’s day to let you to understand,

That not only are you My Mother, but

A Phenomenal Woman.


Love Always,



Across the way

Within the midst of the shadows

Spotted are hooded eyes.

Surprisingly seen peeking.

Brown skin, Chocolate

of African/Latin descent, certainly not Puerto Rican

Long black hair resting on the shoulder,

Sliding down the back.

Unsure if it’s a dress or a shirt made from scratch.

Olives sitting in grey skies used to describe her eyes.

Your name consuming temptation,

If my number was served on a platter would you take?

On the days when loneliness is felt,

Can I replace the emptiness?

Feelings of a baby longing to be held close to your chest.


I can be your baby?

We can be the wind blowing trees as the sun sets.

On this bus, a diamond in the rough.

A jewel not worthy of a nickname.

Crown Royal

Intoxicating Thoughts.

This woman is poison.

Our presence is one in the same.

Tho the sun clings to your being

The way that your sitting,

The light shinning behind you, a glow.

I want to be your shadow

Watching your back and every step you may take.

Excuse me again, but

You dropped your Halo.

I’ll bend down to pick it up, but

When I bend down, I might stay there

Manipulating the Halo into a ring

Since I’m already down on bending knee.

Is that too fast?

I’ve seen love in a glance,

but never at first sight.

My eyes water every time you smile,

Like I want to be the water when you take a bath.

Motion still, so instilled in you is relaxing.

The bubbles resemble clouds,

and you an Aphrodisiac, the being of a Goddess.

Quiet heart felt confessions, but who’s perception?

Curiosity is lingering..

Like the cologne in the hug that I gave before I left.



Beauty Without its Disguise

A bouquet of aroma,
flowers rolled up behind my ears
I think
a blaze could break this silence.

Hazy visions,
I see through the past, into the shadows, and past the smoke.

Not a cloud in the sky.
Take me high..

Chiefin, but this tipi is the temple of my pride.
Im self conscious about my conscience.

As I inhale the self of this esteem,
My feet raise above the ground,
Kissing Mother Earth goodbye, as I am thanking God for her medicine, that temporarily cures everything.

I reach to grab a couple stars.
Ive puffed my bed of clouds, and now I shall lay in it.
Friends and kin are passers by,

Is it healthy to idolize a drug, because its ugliness is perceived as beauty?

Looking out from glossy eyes, into a smudge mirror,
I see my self, clearly, clear eyes, realize that clearly these real lies only deceive the outsiders.
The truth and the beauty are within, the pain.

Is it wrong to think Im loved?
I hold it in longer, and longer, and
The taste just seems to kiss my lips, so sweetly.

Do you know the feeling?
Do you feel the same?

When the stress gets thicker, as does the smoke.

Often I am the lone star, in Life’s game,
Does this make us teammates?
If true, I’ll assist you, then hit the Swish-er, and make it count
Blast Off.


Beauty Doesn’t Sleep

With this silver bladed tongue

I am cutting through diamonds and tarnishing gold.

Watch my tongue unfold, I am spitting hollow tips.

With grip that pierces flesh and grabs onto your spirit.

I wont let go;

As long as I have hold of your soul, you’re going to hear it —

My voice that is.

Try to silence me and my eyes shoot beams like Cyclops

I’m focusing.

I can hear a feather drop,

When I’m not listening to my self breathe.


This dish is best served cold on a silver platter

Grab your silver spoon and eat this truth until your belly aches;

Your shitting the bricks that built your home

Real estate.


A great debater, but I am no competition for Washington.

I’m spending my training days writing not riding.

There’s no insured survival, but I’m not shy about taking risks.


Fist in the air pumping up the power and the volume.

The 808s break my heart and my eardrums too.


Smoke clouds fill the room.

This dramatic entrance has a certain aroma,

appearing before me I’m unsure if its the Virgin,

Or Jane playing tricks on me.

No no this Grimm

You fear death; on the other hand

I wrap the belt around my neck like a tie.


Contusions deep enough to leave my body paralyzed.

The only thing I fill, are the lines on the paper.


She got game tho, seemingly Jesus when the clock winds down.


I approach the mic with un-calming nervousness,

as if I am standing at the pulpit asking to be reborn again.


Sleeping like an infant by the hours,

I wake up.

There are ghetto birds outside my window.


I spit on the mirrors of narcissist, now they see a bit clearer.



My Love is a Bottomless Pit

You don’t want to fall in love with someone like me.

I’ll love you like no other,

a different level from a mother,

more loyal than a brother, and

more caring than a sister.

I will roll with you till wheels fall off, and

fly with you until my wings no longer flap.

If I was the only one in high spirits,

I’d be caring you on my back.

I’ll reveal you to a part of yourself

you’ve never seen, but

have always known was there, yet

no one believed.

I mean, sense I’m being honest,

I’ll love you even when you don’t love me.

If you were losing sight,

I’d give you my eyes.

Then you will see that real lies within me.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and now you see the real me,

skin deep.

You don’t want to fall in love with me,

If you happen to, I’ll be sure to keep a couple of band-aids handy,

in case you scrape a knee.

I am too faithful.

I know how to forgive.

I’ll enlighten you when if ever you are uneducated.

Pick you up when your at your lowest, then

slap the shit out you and tell you to, “Keep Going”

I care too much.

I let you breathe.

Make you laugh when you’re crying,

I’m all you want and all you need…


Don’t fall in love with me.

I’m told I’m a heart maker.

Revitalizing love making meaningful lust.

Trust Me.

You don’t want to fall in love

with me.

I don’t seem to learn my lessons.

I resurrect hearts and they break mine.

Only love me if you can teach me how to hate at the same time.

The only person I hate is myself for equipping these hearts to break mine.


don’t love me because then…

you’ll never stop falling.