This Must Be Hail…

I’m feeling a bit under the weather.
Drank half of my fifth, while
The night sky is quilted by stars,
I’m drifting with the liquids,like
A message in a bottle.
Which contains a map,
In its contents, a couple of letters
That lead me straight to you.
X marks the spot, but
We believe our future will last,
Beyond our imaginations.
I dream to love you in so many different languages, looking in hopeless places.
I’ve had you and lost you,
All within the same time.
I wished I would’ve looked over my shoulder,
Instead of trying to hide my tears.
I try not to act scared,but
All while acting fearless,I’m feeding the fear.
These are no longer sirens,these are battle cries.
Scared of that being the last I’d get to hold you,
In this war of the worlds,
I now walk these streets alone…remembering–
How you were once here. We shared the same air.
The same breathes you took away – this city
Captured in your spirit,and now you’re everywhere but here.
I said I feel a little under the weather,
This must be hail.
Ooooo but heaven is only some miles away,
I see it in your stares.
You smile and it give me life, maybe twice…
If this was according to my plan.
I don’t want to hurt you, but know the scars are still there.
We all have flaws,we see the ones we choose to.
Become infatuated with the imperfections we are use to.
In flight,on a search for your reassurance
I’ve arrived at the beach, found our laughs buried in the sand.
Your touch pressed in the waves on my skin,
It’s hard to be with you, without you.
I would rather be alone together.

Someone to Scream for

Someone scream for the little girl inside of her.


Mothering everyone’s problems.


Yearning to be held by her own, and switch back the roles.


Life has never been easy.


She witnessed a life of rage.

Endured every form of abuse.

And is now her own emotional slave.


Someone scream for the woman she’ll grow to be.


3 little pigs, life doesn’t knock like the wolves, it continues to blow down houses but her foundation is strong.


She houses all the issues, she replaces their dirty laundry with clean clothes. As she tries forcefully feed them gentle honesty.


The little engine that could, pride and determination pushing her through college.


Someone scream for the wife, she will later become.


A heart filled with aches and stitches.

A nose accustom to uncensored scent of bullshit.

Emotions used for pleasure and ignored through pain.

Still she is enriched with hope, making sure no ill will is accompanying her.


Someone scream for the mother in the sister she’s always provided.


She’s just trying to find her self and profess good examples.

Allow them to recognize that she encounters obstacles daily.

Even through all the stress, she puts time away to listen.


Someone scream for the daughter she is.


This apple has grown beautifully, because of her family tree.

And although it may not fall far from the tree, she rolls and explores the grass engraving her own path.


Someone scream for the friend in her.


She’s building walls, while they’re caring less.

Allow her to acknowledge the ones around her are replacing each brick with trust.

That if she falls off her ladder, she recognizes the ones that catch her, before she falls, and if they miss….

Aid in cleaning her up.


Someone scream for this young lady, because she can’t seem to do it herself.

She has been so busy screaming for everyone else, she lost her voice, and her lost breath….


So scream to comfort her —

on her mission to find herself.



My Love is a Bottomless Pit

You don’t want to fall in love with someone like me.

I’ll love you like no other,

a different level from a mother,

more loyal than a brother, and

more caring than a sister.

I will roll with you till wheels fall off, and

fly with you until my wings no longer flap.

If I was the only one in high spirits,

I’d be caring you on my back.

I’ll reveal you to a part of yourself

you’ve never seen, but

have always known was there, yet

no one believed.

I mean, sense I’m being honest,

I’ll love you even when you don’t love me.

If you were losing sight,

I’d give you my eyes.

Then you will see that real lies within me.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and now you see the real me,

skin deep.

You don’t want to fall in love with me,

If you happen to, I’ll be sure to keep a couple of band-aids handy,

in case you scrape a knee.

I am too faithful.

I know how to forgive.

I’ll enlighten you when if ever you are uneducated.

Pick you up when your at your lowest, then

slap the shit out you and tell you to, “Keep Going”

I care too much.

I let you breathe.

Make you laugh when you’re crying,

I’m all you want and all you need…


Don’t fall in love with me.

I’m told I’m a heart maker.

Revitalizing love making meaningful lust.

Trust Me.

You don’t want to fall in love

with me.

I don’t seem to learn my lessons.

I resurrect hearts and they break mine.

Only love me if you can teach me how to hate at the same time.

The only person I hate is myself for equipping these hearts to break mine.


don’t love me because then…

you’ll never stop falling.