This Must Be Hail…

I’m feeling a bit under the weather.
Drank half of my fifth, while
The night sky is quilted by stars,
I’m drifting with the liquids,like
A message in a bottle.
Which contains a map,
In its contents, a couple of letters
That lead me straight to you.
X marks the spot, but
We believe our future will last,
Beyond our imaginations.
I dream to love you in so many different languages, looking in hopeless places.
I’ve had you and lost you,
All within the same time.
I wished I would’ve looked over my shoulder,
Instead of trying to hide my tears.
I try not to act scared,but
All while acting fearless,I’m feeding the fear.
These are no longer sirens,these are battle cries.
Scared of that being the last I’d get to hold you,
In this war of the worlds,
I now walk these streets alone…remembering–
How you were once here. We shared the same air.
The same breathes you took away – this city
Captured in your spirit,and now you’re everywhere but here.
I said I feel a little under the weather,
This must be hail.
Ooooo but heaven is only some miles away,
I see it in your stares.
You smile and it give me life, maybe twice…
If this was according to my plan.
I don’t want to hurt you, but know the scars are still there.
We all have flaws,we see the ones we choose to.
Become infatuated with the imperfections we are use to.
In flight,on a search for your reassurance
I’ve arrived at the beach, found our laughs buried in the sand.
Your touch pressed in the waves on my skin,
It’s hard to be with you, without you.
I would rather be alone together.


Man sometimes I get so frustrated with myself and the mistakes I make, but I realize I will keep making them until I learn my lesson. I have to also take into consideration that I am young, but no matter what age I am these life comes with its set of challenges. I am grateful to have the set of eyes to realize this. I wont be able to spell satisfaction with the action. I will be better.

My First KIss

I released the anger and re-embraced forgiveness.
I thought I had regrets, but it was only my spite poisoning my feelings.
Lies left me feigning…
I feed off emotions and reactions, it’s hard to leave the hand that feeds you.
Dessert for thought,
But the truth was too bitter for my tasting.
Maybe because I’ve never been served on a dish so cold.
It froze my throat and numbed my tongue.
It burned my eyes and pierced my ears.
But with this food for thought, I had no tears to quench my thirst.
I had been refreshed by the satisfaction of my own growth.

To think back I thought:

I would have rather my sheets bleed ink, than to be drenched from my eyes leaking.

I would have rather a cat caught my tongue, than to stand out as obvious as the elephant in the room, and bring the truth to my own attention.

I would have rather been loved under controlled conditions than to be loved unconditionally.


My heart was blind.
Walking a narrow path of broken promises and missing bricks from the foundation.
My mind has grown weary from trying to chase the thoughts of love constantly off that path.

So Finally,
My mind convinced my heart to focus on myself.
And the heart I thought was nonexistent started pumping warm blood again.
My white blood cells were no longer white lies, and I could smile again.

It told my stomach it was okay to eat,
because it’ll no longer have to ingest that bullshit.

My conscience came from the back to the front, and then I realized..
Well maybe that’s why my foreheads so big.
Because my conscience is always present, and it’s impossible to hide it.

In conclusion:

Love is Blind & Ignorance is Bliss.

Finally, I have experienced my first kiss…

Life begins when you realize your mistakes and not only learn from them, but apply the knowledge, maturation, courage and strength that you’ve learned and use that become a better person. Not for anyone, but for yourself because if your not happy with yourself, you can shouldn’t ever expect to be happy with someone else.

Forgive, Love, Live, and Laugh..

Yes pain maybe Intimidating and love may seem ruthless, but pain from love is only temporary, and the love for life brings infinite happiness. That happiness will feel even better than you thought it’d be, because of that pain you have endured.