Across the way

Within the midst of the shadows

Spotted are hooded eyes.

Surprisingly seen peeking.

Brown skin, Chocolate

of African/Latin descent, certainly not Puerto Rican

Long black hair resting on the shoulder,

Sliding down the back.

Unsure if it’s a dress or a shirt made from scratch.

Olives sitting in grey skies used to describe her eyes.

Your name consuming temptation,

If my number was served on a platter would you take?

On the days when loneliness is felt,

Can I replace the emptiness?

Feelings of a baby longing to be held close to your chest.


I can be your baby?

We can be the wind blowing trees as the sun sets.

On this bus, a diamond in the rough.

A jewel not worthy of a nickname.

Crown Royal

Intoxicating Thoughts.

This woman is poison.

Our presence is one in the same.

Tho the sun clings to your being

The way that your sitting,

The light shinning behind you, a glow.

I want to be your shadow

Watching your back and every step you may take.

Excuse me again, but

You dropped your Halo.

I’ll bend down to pick it up, but

When I bend down, I might stay there

Manipulating the Halo into a ring

Since I’m already down on bending knee.

Is that too fast?

I’ve seen love in a glance,

but never at first sight.

My eyes water every time you smile,

Like I want to be the water when you take a bath.

Motion still, so instilled in you is relaxing.

The bubbles resemble clouds,

and you an Aphrodisiac, the being of a Goddess.

Quiet heart felt confessions, but who’s perception?

Curiosity is lingering..

Like the cologne in the hug that I gave before I left.




Paint the face of peace.


White out the traces of hatred.


Highlight respect.


Sing songs of intellect


Plaster over the discouragement of humility.


Dance to the rhythm of equality


Recognize the facade.


Don’t act creativity – live it.


Pasting together actions creating history


Write the motivation of the movement


Photograph the mirror of the future- YOU(th).


Play the instruments of demonstration.


Let the vibrations travel through souls uplifting unity in all.


Speak Love.


Draw lines of tolerance…


Sculpt minds of awareness…molding our revolution.


There is no price on art – art is ones soul.


They say money makes the world go round, but the buck stops here. How much do you cost?…plus tax.