Haleys Comet

Quick Bio: 3 years ago a friend of mine Cheyanne aka “Mariah Haley” was assigned in her Intro to Philosophy class, to describe her philosophy in a poem as her Final. This was to be strictly her opinion, and she came to me in aid of expressing her thoughts into poetry. We ended up collaborating on this philosophical poem, and I hope you all enjoy it.

I believe that through experience we realize, that we create our own reality.

One not founded upon other peoples visions, but through our own day to day experiences.

If we learn to embrace each breath, and rejoice because we’ve have gotten the chance to feel every day, then we will learn that knowledge itself is power.

The power to recreate your world, and at the same time be the survivor in the “big picture”.

In this race against time, to live and to learn, one will always encounter numerous hurdles.

Some are higher than others, and whether you fall or not; what keeps you running is ambition.

What separates our souls is that some looked to be saved, and others look for another alternatives.

If you fall you cannot wait for someone to pick you up, you must get up on your own and dust yourself off.

Ambition is a value embedded in the soul. It is who you are, and like sweat it seeps out from all over your body and overwhelms you with strength.

In order to stimulate that strength we must stand strong in our beliefs, but not ignorant to our mistakes.

Although religion is man-made, our souls are spiritually molded; a connection with a higher power feeds your conscience, and that is how one is able to digest this food for thought.

Look who’s left deserted. What about the living others around us?

Trees and plants provide us the oxygen, which replenishes our lives and animals revitalize our stomachs, but also protect us with and without training..

However, we as humans don’t see each other as equal.

Only the strong survive, but how do you know whose the strongest if everyone is authentic.

Just like the equator individuality is invisible, but it’s wanted across the world.

The planet needs people who take everyday to learn something new, and surround themselves with inspiring dreams because a life without dreaming is not a reality at all.

We have been leaving the truth behind and hiding behind our walls of comfortable lies.

We have become a society so in debt to wealth and power; that we refuse to acknowledge our duty to the planet

Lost in this battle of greed and war, consumed by pollution, it is killing us slowly…

Education that teaches us to climb the corporate ladder instead of to live peacefully with our neighbors.

Our neighbors who are literally next door and physically across the world.

We don’t even realize that we share this planet with everyone, and at the same time, we share the same fate.

Our existence depends on the way we spend every beautiful breath, the way we step and every stride we take.

Even though the footprints we leave behind in the sands on this planet, are washed away…

Life is our choice, we have the power to create something beautiful.

We have the resources to build and live in this web of life.



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Sole Soul Writing Rights

If I gave you peace in a piece would you
Hypothetically thinking…
If I gave you peace in a piece aloud would you allow me
Hypothetically speaking…
If I gave you peace in a piece could you
Be able to bare the strengths of a mother bear, if you told her Fuzzy was never really fuzzy.
Was he?
Hypothetically thinking…
If I gave you peace in a piece could you imagine being eight to seven?
I mean being beat to ate beets, and eat berries.
Hypothetically speaking…
The sound of the shovel buries the heart.
Deep, Deep, Deep
The bass carries the trouble.
If i gave you peace in a piece would you be able to bare the strengths of a mother bear, if you told her Fuzzy was never really fuzzy, could your base remain strong?
I wonder…
If I gave you peace in a piece would you be able to make white blue?
Hypothetically thinking…
If I gave you peace in a piece would you be able to cite me, and in sight recognize my words in the wind, if they blew right by you?
Hypothetically speaking…
If I gave you peace in a piece, what can you do?
If eye gave you peace in a piece, would try to you give me yours for two?
I knew, You’re new.



Paint the face of peace.


White out the traces of hatred.


Highlight respect.


Sing songs of intellect


Plaster over the discouragement of humility.


Dance to the rhythm of equality


Recognize the facade.


Don’t act creativity – live it.


Pasting together actions creating history


Write the motivation of the movement


Photograph the mirror of the future- YOU(th).


Play the instruments of demonstration.


Let the vibrations travel through souls uplifting unity in all.


Speak Love.


Draw lines of tolerance…


Sculpt minds of awareness…molding our revolution.


There is no price on art – art is ones soul.


They say money makes the world go round, but the buck stops here. How much do you cost?…plus tax.



Real Life, Still Life

Do you ever feel like your art is a person?

Every time I write a piece, I’m painting a self portrait. In the present tense or even as the third person. On the outside looking in — the pain your emerged in.

Hearing a song you never wrote like the artist is someone you grew up with. The happiness you told all your secrets to, but the sadness is holding you hostage.

I always wonder why people try to bargain with death. Its wins eventually, until there’s no one left. Selling dreams of living in clouds, Eternal luxury with no evidence; living for a better tomorrow. That promise isn’t kept.

I live like today is my last, often that’s why it seems I only care about my self.

Who am I kidding?!

I care for everyone else. My heart is a clinic, get in if you fit in, no matter the health. Sympathies nursing sorrows. Empathy injecting psychedelic morrows. Where do I go when I need love? I pull out a cool J and fill my chest like I’m getting lung transplants tomorrow.

When I’m chasing my breath, the loneliness is easier to swallow. Why does everyone want to be understood? Judgment is the mass a murderer. How could you even point your finger at my chest when you’ve never felt my soles?

Non-believers. For whom I hope on Christmas all get coal. I pack pens like heat, cause this world gets cold. Equipped qith a paper machete. Just because you scream “F– The World!” Doesn’t make you bold.

Dark minds, I meditate inhaling white lights to shine upon the spirits journey through my mind. Trying to apprehend my thoughts from the graps of confusion. There’s a hole in my mind, I guess that’s where all the memories go.

A missing piece. Trying to find a peace of mind, so if I don’t remember you, don’t be offended. That’s just called letting go…

I’m feeling more attached by a cord an some earphones. I’ve know you all my life and look how far we’ve grown, Apart.

This may be the start to a natural disaster. I put the yield sign up, and you chose to keep going. I put up some emotional roadblocks across, but you ignored the caution stories and crossed the lines. Now we’ve come to a complete stop. Feel our foundation shaking beneath us. Is this my fault because I didn’t stunt my growth? I didn’t stop the towing? I came to a fork in the road, it said “You Left ” & “Life Right”.

What else was I suppose to do besides keep going?

This piece can keep going. I’ve only finished the eyes. Those are the windows to peek through if you really want to know me.

But — I’ll finish this Self portrait later. I just wanted to paint the picture, so you could get the point of view as to why I’m struggling growing. And I bet by the time I finish this masterpiece, you still won’t be able to recognize the Real Me.


The Empress Wears No Clothes

You’ve settled for this reality, slaving for the fallacies of the beings. In this world I cant relate. The state I’m in isn’t slumber. My spit is like the roar from the queen of the jungle.

Sure, I use to feel a bit of pressure. That was before I cleaned out all my dressers, and took the posters off the wall. Went through a couple growth spurts. I began feeling like a giant, but I’m only six inches past 5 feet tall.

No tall tales – I keep it real with my people. What if Johnny grew peaches instead of apples? That story would have changed us all. See the complexity of a Human is the downfall.

Could it ever be simple? I mean I see it through my eyes, but I keep it sacred in my temples. That’s why my head aches like hearts after heavy meals.

Peacefully I ease the pain with the bass from the instrumentals. I orchestrate this pen like a flute to my lips, gently kissing the paper. Love notes mix with music notes, making babies which are my quotes.

Little me’s you read

Then notice they have my insight and real authentic steez. I watch them grow into stanzas. Rebels with cause. Spreading my words as gifts as if I’m Saint Nicolas.

Only if, only if…

I always wished I had a twin. If I did, in an instant my art work would form physical ability. Now not only would you hear me and see me. Now you can feel what I’m saying and be smitten. My words might touch you with the befitting name ‘Wordsmith’.

Have you gotten a better inner-standing of what separate worlds we live in? You over see the understanding of dethroning. A term mentioned in history, but never stopped to explain instead managed to keep going.

Responsible for building your home, yet we barely have places to live. Anything to keep us in cages is the reimbursement for our Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Currently enslaved by the ole mighty dollar, who nowadays I’m not surprised isn’t worth my 2 cents.

Kings and Queens who roam streets and rule blocks. Jay-Z was chasing his dreams rapping about running his city. I wonder tho; what did he have to do? What’s left to be done? I refuse to believe it was that easy.

Respect to Ms. Lauryn Hill – They might have won over some souls, but they lost one and a good amount of other special ones.

I’ve been chasing down my dreams since I could think. Trying to keep and steady the pace since I’ve almost caught up with them. I went on a couple paper chases; which only lead me to non-prophets.

Which left me on my knees. Letting God know my promises not to fall for it again. Forgiving isn’t a sin, but I treat it like one. However, I’m quick to forget, [voluntary amnesia].

Reoccurring thoughts. If I make it big I feel like all my secrets would be on Wikipedia. Written by the dudes I told “I’m leaving ya”. Friendships I jumped ship and told, “this boat isn’t gonna fit your ego and my well being bruh”. Some family that secretly never believed in ya.

The life of living in a deteriorating tree. Strong roots, couple weak branches, some fallen leaves, and plenty promising seeds.

Saying I’m closed minded, when really Im always open to be free, like the beach. My favorite place to be. Where the water never ends, and the waves always listen. The sand remembers the power in your stance, the moon’s glow is always singing, and the sun forever smiles.

I can be me. You remind me of so many. My words are my bond like James and his heat.

This is it.

I think that quote was the puzzle that just made this piece complete.