The Empress Wears No Clothes

You’ve settled for this reality, slaving for the fallacies of the beings. In this world I cant relate. The state I’m in isn’t slumber. My spit is like the roar from the queen of the jungle.

Sure, I use to feel a bit of pressure. That was before I cleaned out all my dressers, and took the posters off the wall. Went through a couple growth spurts. I began feeling like a giant, but I’m only six inches past 5 feet tall.

No tall tales – I keep it real with my people. What if Johnny grew peaches instead of apples? That story would have changed us all. See the complexity of a Human is the downfall.

Could it ever be simple? I mean I see it through my eyes, but I keep it sacred in my temples. That’s why my head aches like hearts after heavy meals.

Peacefully I ease the pain with the bass from the instrumentals. I orchestrate this pen like a flute to my lips, gently kissing the paper. Love notes mix with music notes, making babies which are my quotes.

Little me’s you read

Then notice they have my insight and real authentic steez. I watch them grow into stanzas. Rebels with cause. Spreading my words as gifts as if I’m Saint Nicolas.

Only if, only if…

I always wished I had a twin. If I did, in an instant my art work would form physical ability. Now not only would you hear me and see me. Now you can feel what I’m saying and be smitten. My words might touch you with the befitting name ‘Wordsmith’.

Have you gotten a better inner-standing of what separate worlds we live in? You over see the understanding of dethroning. A term mentioned in history, but never stopped to explain instead managed to keep going.

Responsible for building your home, yet we barely have places to live. Anything to keep us in cages is the reimbursement for our Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Currently enslaved by the ole mighty dollar, who nowadays I’m not surprised isn’t worth my 2 cents.

Kings and Queens who roam streets and rule blocks. Jay-Z was chasing his dreams rapping about running his city. I wonder tho; what did he have to do? What’s left to be done? I refuse to believe it was that easy.

Respect to Ms. Lauryn Hill – They might have won over some souls, but they lost one and a good amount of other special ones.

I’ve been chasing down my dreams since I could think. Trying to keep and steady the pace since I’ve almost caught up with them. I went on a couple paper chases; which only lead me to non-prophets.

Which left me on my knees. Letting God know my promises not to fall for it again. Forgiving isn’t a sin, but I treat it like one. However, I’m quick to forget, [voluntary amnesia].

Reoccurring thoughts. If I make it big I feel like all my secrets would be on Wikipedia. Written by the dudes I told “I’m leaving ya”. Friendships I jumped ship and told, “this boat isn’t gonna fit your ego and my well being bruh”. Some family that secretly never believed in ya.

The life of living in a deteriorating tree. Strong roots, couple weak branches, some fallen leaves, and plenty promising seeds.

Saying I’m closed minded, when really Im always open to be free, like the beach. My favorite place to be. Where the water never ends, and the waves always listen. The sand remembers the power in your stance, the moon’s glow is always singing, and the sun forever smiles.

I can be me. You remind me of so many. My words are my bond like James and his heat.

This is it.

I think that quote was the puzzle that just made this piece complete.


Love and Hate : Same Difference

You’re the bread winner,

How long are we going to eat bread for dinner?

You’re bringing home the bacon, but the pigs getting slimmer.

Money trees are the perfect place for shade…

You lost that seed didn’t ya?

Chop down trees for presidents.

The fact that they are dead is irrelevant.

They’re still giving life to zombies and happiness in settlements.

Call me names if you may, but its only more inspiring.

I’m a gold digger, through your eyes I’m tunneling.

Discovering a heart of gold, even the foolish know that’s heaven sent.

The thought of this often makes me relentless.

As I sit faced the vanity applying more lipstick.

I once owned a heart with a royal yellow shade.

Until I lost the first place to my love.

Only now to have been compensated and replaced with a bronze chipped hemorrhaging organ.

The sensation of love will revive my failing organs, because Gold doesn’t bend nor break.

It doesn’t fold under the pressures similar to a Diamond, but with more blood and a less cleaner slate.

Longing to feel renewed is the feeling I can’t escape.

So I ask —

“How much do you have to love love in order to hate it?

Do you have to be aware of love to know the feeling of hatred?”

A strong dislike towards the life you show you live.

I see no hues

I see no blacks, whites, brown, oranges, reds or yellows.

A fool sees green in Gold.

I see love in the energy of a being.

I’ve met people who are transparent,

They couldn’t begin to get past accepting my opacity…

In saying this,

I cannot first put my foot back to move forward.

Instead I walk in place, at a pace that is easy to catch.

I knew I hated treadmills for a reason.

I keep walking with no direction, always seemingly moving forward…like time.

Year around while the leaves fall from trees, and the snow melts, and the sun belches heat waves..

I’m awaiting love like tis’ a season.

Flavorful honey smothered chuckles to sweeten the rain.

Cloudy eyed storms that don’t take heed to damage, but at the same time force change.

Making your bread soggy and your bacon salty.

A fool sees love in money

A sucker feels love in pain.

But —

What’s the difference between rain drops and snowflakes?