Inaccurate Precision

I’m always right sometimes…

I mean who else can find such greatness in depression?

He says I’m painfully beautiful; I hope smirks can calm nerves.

More times than less I appear invisible.
People are always looking at me, but they cant see me.
Is that why they stare so blankly?

He tells me I have a noticeable absence, but is never coming is better than being late?

I’m always right sometimes….

I can’t help that I am naturally strange !

I had a dream last night, I mean we all do….it’s no open secret

You & I were in a room alone together.
Suddenly, we both began laughing hysterically, kind of like a sad joy.
We just sat, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed until this morning…I woke up dead.

Now this may sound wilde, but I can resist anything, except temptation!
I am a wolf in lambs clothes, an honest thief.
And unfortunate as this mastery is, I am great at smuggling hearts.
A little pain never hurt anyone, right?

I’m always right sometimes…

I mean these are modern relationships are so old fashion!
Let’s create our own love; it’s our only choice!
The start to this will be amazing!
Then we can end painfully beautiful.
A little pain never hurt anyone, right?

I’m always right sometimes…

Pain for Pleasure?
You seem awfully happy; why I am crying?
Just because this is almost exactly what I wanted.
Now, let’s not act like adult children about this.
We agree to disagree…

I’m always right sometimes…

I always write, sometimes in wordless books
This ones I named : Our Love-Hate Relationship.

Inaccurate Precision.


Love and Hate : Same Difference

You’re the bread winner,

How long are we going to eat bread for dinner?

You’re bringing home the bacon, but the pigs getting slimmer.

Money trees are the perfect place for shade…

You lost that seed didn’t ya?

Chop down trees for presidents.

The fact that they are dead is irrelevant.

They’re still giving life to zombies and happiness in settlements.

Call me names if you may, but its only more inspiring.

I’m a gold digger, through your eyes I’m tunneling.

Discovering a heart of gold, even the foolish know that’s heaven sent.

The thought of this often makes me relentless.

As I sit faced the vanity applying more lipstick.

I once owned a heart with a royal yellow shade.

Until I lost the first place to my love.

Only now to have been compensated and replaced with a bronze chipped hemorrhaging organ.

The sensation of love will revive my failing organs, because Gold doesn’t bend nor break.

It doesn’t fold under the pressures similar to a Diamond, but with more blood and a less cleaner slate.

Longing to feel renewed is the feeling I can’t escape.

So I ask —

“How much do you have to love love in order to hate it?

Do you have to be aware of love to know the feeling of hatred?”

A strong dislike towards the life you show you live.

I see no hues

I see no blacks, whites, brown, oranges, reds or yellows.

A fool sees green in Gold.

I see love in the energy of a being.

I’ve met people who are transparent,

They couldn’t begin to get past accepting my opacity…

In saying this,

I cannot first put my foot back to move forward.

Instead I walk in place, at a pace that is easy to catch.

I knew I hated treadmills for a reason.

I keep walking with no direction, always seemingly moving forward…like time.

Year around while the leaves fall from trees, and the snow melts, and the sun belches heat waves..

I’m awaiting love like tis’ a season.

Flavorful honey smothered chuckles to sweeten the rain.

Cloudy eyed storms that don’t take heed to damage, but at the same time force change.

Making your bread soggy and your bacon salty.

A fool sees love in money

A sucker feels love in pain.

But —

What’s the difference between rain drops and snowflakes?