Daily Dream

I’m sitting on the steps, blazing with the breeze

Clouds blending with the blue sky, fragrance you can see.

Eyes sitting lower than depression on its knees.

Mix the greens in the bowl, that’s healthy choice by me

Thoughts more vivid than High Definition.

Lames thinking they’re Wiz Kids, put up false images…smoke screens.

Stomach growling like a bear, but all the food I am dismissing.

My imagination’s hungry, and Leighricks creativity looks fixing.

Aroma sweet like swishers, after a Kobe Bryant shot.

I took the safety off, jump the gun

Spontaneity =  the Death of Bordem.

I kiss the ground I walk on, so I kiss my mother goodbye.

Strap myself into my spaceship, ready to take flight…

I’m soaring past the planets, lighting up with the sun.

Playing with the aliens, hide-n-go-seek in the clouds.

Cruising through the solar system,

Munching on a Milkyway…

Fell asleep counting stars on a satellite.

I open my eyes and I’m,

sitting on the steps, blazing with the breeze

Clouds blending with the blue sky, fragrance you could see.

Eyes sitting lower than depression on its knees.

Others wish my dreams were their reality, a Day & Night Dream.

This dream is day-to-day

I call this a Daily Dream….same dream different day.




Sitting in this chair high

Getting looks from left and right

Shifty eyes

But they be looking at me like,

baby damn, why?

Why you gotta be so cute an irresistible ?

So down to earth, so individual

Been this way since a kiddo,

No kidding tho.

I use to just sit up on the counter, and watch moms cook dinner

Now, I come home, rummage through the refrigerator

just to find some chicken dinners.


My pockets looking thinner,

But my skin is thicker.

Not a beginner, I’m in it til the end.

Like a winner

Communicate to the population these days are not the end.

We all want to claim we are the change

But we seldom change ourselves, no more often then we change our linens

Typing notes on the notepad

Technological Composition.

See The beat pulled me into this black hole

I always knew I was a star.

In the zone

I feel it In my bones

The blood rushing sends

Shivers up my spine

That’s why I’m sitting here with these glossy eyes, and a smile that shines.



Beauty Without its Disguise

A bouquet of aroma,
flowers rolled up behind my ears
I think
a blaze could break this silence.

Hazy visions,
I see through the past, into the shadows, and past the smoke.

Not a cloud in the sky.
Take me high..

Chiefin, but this tipi is the temple of my pride.
Im self conscious about my conscience.

As I inhale the self of this esteem,
My feet raise above the ground,
Kissing Mother Earth goodbye, as I am thanking God for her medicine, that temporarily cures everything.

I reach to grab a couple stars.
Ive puffed my bed of clouds, and now I shall lay in it.
Friends and kin are passers by,

Is it healthy to idolize a drug, because its ugliness is perceived as beauty?

Looking out from glossy eyes, into a smudge mirror,
I see my self, clearly, clear eyes, realize that clearly these real lies only deceive the outsiders.
The truth and the beauty are within, the pain.

Is it wrong to think Im loved?
I hold it in longer, and longer, and
The taste just seems to kiss my lips, so sweetly.

Do you know the feeling?
Do you feel the same?

When the stress gets thicker, as does the smoke.

Often I am the lone star, in Life’s game,
Does this make us teammates?
If true, I’ll assist you, then hit the Swish-er, and make it count
Blast Off.