The Storms Arrival


Another levy in my heart broke.

This flood of emotions took over my being, not just my body.

This is a type of pain I am familiar with, but haven’t seen since the last disaster.

At this point I have applied so many stitches…I am barely holding on to this last piece of thread.

Face it

I’m damaged goods.

Face it.

Face her.

Face yourself at the fork in the road.

Before you reach the emptiness that held my love in place.

That in-between

That uncertainty

Like the choice of whether you’ll take the streets or the highway.

The highway is too much freedom, and we’ll get where we’re too fast…which is nowhere.

Instead you use the backstreets to buy time, little did you know, I too am paying attention.

The rain is getting heavy now.

My soul feels like it’s drowning in my body.

I’d give anything not feel anything right now.

I’ve learned

I can prepare for a storm, but I can’t predict it.


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