Spoken Word for Open Mics

Shut your eyes to the world.

Open them wide for my thoughts.

Stop allowing yourself to hear the background noise and channel my voice.

My echo will amplify my passion, if need be, visualize me.

I will act as a hearing aid.

I just want you to listen.

Readers — read my mind; run-on sentences of thoughts.

Imagine my emotion, see the scenarios.

Often the beauty is polluted by distractions.

So often ultimate satisfaction, isn’t satisfied.

You have the privilege of listening.

Hearing me hiccup on emotions.

Catching me stutter because I’m reliving that moment.

Looking into my eyes, I am lost in yours.

Grab hold of my presence.

Posture — taller than the mic stand.

How I sweat as if the lights are my biggest critics.

I get nervous.

I get anxious.

It’s like I’m standing on my heart,

Speaking through my soul, while its projecting memories from my brain.

I look up to my mirror, into my pupils, to see them….dilated.

Read Me.

Hear Me.

See Me.


Open Mic, Spoken Word, Leighrickal Literacy.

I am it and it is Me.


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