When the Hands Touch

I lifted my hand to raise the bar,

You lifted your hand with anger to discharge.


Flirting with poetic justice behind these thin bars.

It kills me to see this love dying.


 it’s even worse knowing I’m a part.


We started a garden, and you’ve mistreated our seeds.

It takes a city to raise a tree,

and a village to nurture their growth successfully.


To look at you is gruesome.


How did we split ways like X, come together, then arrive at an end like Z.



Who am I to say?…the least

Who am I if I stay?


 I spread my wings as that of a seagull;

Heading towards the Bay because I see goals I’m striving to obtain.


 That I put behind your pride,

The same position you left the knife in my back.



I rose to realize your lies and I were laying one in the same.

Instead I laid with my loves, our hearts one in the same.


You appear once again, at the crossroads of Insane and Who to blame.

Blame it on the Alcohol, the Girls, the Weed, just not Me.


You can point two fingers, but those other six aren’t pointed towards Me.


We were the arrows, when you felt lost

We pointed back, leaving you an open seat.

You chose paths before day broke.


is it the money?



I wouldn’t pay a penny out of my 2-sense for a dollar worth of your thoughts.

Looking for a quarter figure in a dime worth no more then a nickel.


Money makes the world go round,

You’re circling betrayal chasing behind confusion.

This disillusion is far more real than what you can fathom, and still have yet to feel.


When the pain kicks in,

I hope the waters overflow the sky;

Allowing me to taste your tears in the raindrops during my parade.


I know your up there hiding somewhere…





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