What is a wrinkle to you, with the exception of time? If you are too humble for the word Phenomenal, would you except Divine? When my eyes are clouded you lift my chin up, and tell me the sun will come out tomorrow. smile. Since tomorrow isn’t promised; your smile has parted the clouds, and rekindled heat in my heart. Can you promise to meet me in my dreams? While we’re laying on the beach, will you rub my head and sing? “Everything’s going to be alright”, even when God thinks its time to hand down our wings? If I told you your love drowned the earth; would you believe me if I told you the screams were more of an angelic symphony? Would you be surprised if I dropped everything and bowed at your knees with my head at your feet? I am still standing tall, back straight, being the woman you envisioned me…


let my love seep off this page,

inside my mouth,

and into your heart.

Place your hand into mine, and Never Let Go ♥♥ 


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