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Broken Pedestals

Don’t lose sight of the light.
I close both my eyes, but
Leave the third one open-wide.
Absorbing and Transforming,
Life is a canvas already been painted on; which color will you use to highlight the accents?
How many ways can I contrast the madness?
We are often too busy adding structure to the broken pedestals that once seated those you placed highly.
Deceived if depth can’t be seen without views of the horizon.
Still can’t hear me yelling – only seeing me naked.
This one really speaks to me…
Eye can’t teach them to listen.
Splatter paint like emotion wherever I go.
The world is my canvas. I create in the shadows.
Wash that mask, under that mask, beneath the skin.
Peel the flesh back like old pages.
This book is blank just like the canvas.
Invisible ink disguised as experience.
Squeeze the color out my veins, and witness the light ooze through pores.
Decorating the pews they are glued to.
Stained with the truth not illustrated on the glass.
Looking out the window is living in the past.
Breaking that window is living.
I’m breaking my silence how trees uproot sidewalks.
I belong in the street.
Driving myself crazy, playing hide-n-go-seek with self-identity.
Don’t be lazy.
Chasing my tears to the waterfall of my dreams.
Now I’m glowing..
I stay woke.



Lullably for a Queen

We can’t rewind, but we can take a minute to think about the good times.
Relive the smiles and increase the volume of the laughter.
I can see me in your eyes, can you see yourself in mine?
A Queen
Whose reign never shadows that of others, but casts only light for them to grow and shine.
Our fingers dance together, intertwined like our hearts.
When you serenade me with lullabies of life, sleeping is a sanctuary.
Where we can run wild in our dreams, imprint our footsteps on the beach.
They remain permanent like your hands upon my spirit.
This is a love so deep, you don’t just feel it you embody it, you don’t just hear it you see it.
Come get close,
I never want to leave.
I want to escape with you and rediscover moments in our life in places we didn’t get to be.
Look in me.
Your lines can’t tell your stories, and I can try to allow mine, but
I don’t know the her-story fully.
Tell me about the first breath, the big steps, you took as a child. What did you sacrifice for us to be here now?
Let us celebrate the anniversary of your being.
I’m your Lil Bit, but your a big part of the woman I am becoming now. I’ve always wanted to make you proud, and
When I read you a piece of my poetry, you looked at me with such a impenetrable smile, a couple tears ran down your face, and
You had the nerve to ask me who it was about.
I said a Queen, A Goddess, a Phenomenal Woman.
I kissed your hand, laid upon your chest, and held my breath tho I wanted to scream, shout, and praise you.
I – kneeling beside your bed, reassuring that the woman I am worshiping in this poem, is you – without a doubt.
Your stance – Grand in the presence of my life.
Being with you now is a priceless gift.
Thankful today to be your Grand-Kid.

I love you more than just a little bit,

(A big piece of you)
– Your Lil Bit

When It Hurts So Bad

Instill your strength in me.


Retell your history through your eyes.


Whisper your power of forgiveness.




When it hurts so bad,


Embrace me.




Holding your hand I feel your vibrant soul.


Your minds working against time —


And my words are fighting the same battle.


Allow me to be your shield in this imaginary war.


Share with me the freedom of releasing our pains through tears.




When it hurts so bad,


Embrace me.




Lauryn said it the best, “what you want might make you cry




When it hurts so bad.


It feels so good.




I love you.




Why does it feel so good, when it hurts so bad?




Your smile numbs my thoughts.


Your laughter hinders any regrets.




Instill your strength in me and I’ll stand strong.


Your eyes tell stories non-revealed.




When it hurts so bad,


Embrace me.




As much as I’m not there beside you.


I place my hand upon your heart and remember the warmth.


History speaks although your words remain silent.




When it hurts so bad,


Embrace me.




You are my everything,


my heart beats differently,


thoughts of you replace my animosity.




When it hurts,


Who will I embrace?


When your not here ?




I Love You.





Purple Heart

You are

Everything I want to be

as I’m striving to be more.


You are

The definition of Love

In the depth of your eyes and  in your spirit.


I am

Lil Bit

to such a enormous piece.


You are

the best I’ll ever have, everything I need.

Your smile brings upon tears,

I’ve only known as comforting.

Tell me your secrets I asked,

You told me there are none to keep.


You are Strength

never should I feel weak.

Your footsteps remain on the beach.

As I reach to bring you back the moon,

You taught me, its not about the glow in the stars

but the meaning.

This life is a battlefield,

You fight with speech.


You are

Everything I want to be

as I’m striving to be more.


You are the definition of Love,

Unconditional and Unmeasurable.

You see, the look in my eyes

Your hands I never want to let go.

Your smile brings upon tears,

I’ve only known as comforting.


You are the light that shines,

that guides me throughout the darkness in my journey.


I am

Lil Bit

to such an enormous piece.


You are the best I’ll ever have, and everything I need.


You are Strength

never should I feel weak.

Reliving memories as life is happening.

This life is a battlefield, you are my Purple Heart.


– With LOVE Lil Bit ♥



What is a wrinkle to you, with the exception of time? If you are too humble for the word Phenomenal, would you except Divine? When my eyes are clouded you lift my chin up, and tell me the sun will come out tomorrow. Then..you smile. Since tomorrow isn’t promised; your smile has parted the clouds, and rekindled heat in my heart. Can you promise to meet me in my dreams? While we’re laying on the beach, will you rub my head and sing? “Everything’s going to be alright”, even when God thinks its time to hand down our wings? If I told you your love drowned the earth; would you believe me if I told you the screams were more of an angelic symphony? Would you be surprised if I dropped everything and bowed at your knees with my head at your feet? I am still standing tall, back straight, being the woman you envisioned me…


let my love seep off this page,

inside my mouth,

and into your heart.

Place your hand into mine, and Never Let Go ♥♥