When It Hurts So Bad

Instill your strength in me.


Retell your history through your eyes.


Whisper your power of forgiveness.




When it hurts so bad,


Embrace me.




Holding your hand I feel your vibrant soul.


Your minds working against time —


And my words are fighting the same battle.


Allow me to be your shield in this imaginary war.


Share with me the freedom of releasing our pains through tears.




When it hurts so bad,


Embrace me.




Lauryn said it the best, “what you want might make you cry




When it hurts so bad.


It feels so good.




I love you.




Why does it feel so good, when it hurts so bad?




Your smile numbs my thoughts.


Your laughter hinders any regrets.




Instill your strength in me and I’ll stand strong.


Your eyes tell stories non-revealed.




When it hurts so bad,


Embrace me.




As much as I’m not there beside you.


I place my hand upon your heart and remember the warmth.


History speaks although your words remain silent.




When it hurts so bad,


Embrace me.




You are my everything,


my heart beats differently,


thoughts of you replace my animosity.




When it hurts,


Who will I embrace?


When your not here ?




I Love You.





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