Dragon Days

My heart loves you more than my mind is allowing myself. The deeper I fall, the less fear.
My heart beats to a different rhythm; too excited it skips it’s beats. Overwhelmed with emotions, I hiccup on my thoughts. I am Hungry. Yearning to devour your heart, you so sweetly catered to me in the palms of your hand. A closed mouth won’t get fed. Sealed lips hold my words captive, bruised ribs protect my own heart, it’s tender. My full mind aches unspeakable curiosity.

King, defeat the dragon!

I feel – as though my hearts burning in the fury of my own fire. The desire, your optical liquidation quenches my thirst. My own tears drown me within the approaching tomorrow; I am impatient. Will your way into the ability to read my mind, when the cat has my tongue. Allow me to lounge in your clothes, and walk in my shoes –  dig your heel into the sole, and my reacquaint me with my own. This sleep deprivation has me writing too revealing. Can it be possible that my words need rest?


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