The Knowledge of an Alcoholic Junkie


I feel as though I hit rock bottom in a bottomless pit.

 A Junkie on a mission; I’m just trynna get a hit.

 Rewinding life encounters,

 she took real offense to that “Fuck You” and that “Bitch“.

 I wasn’t naming calling…

I was just trynna understand a lil bit.

Just trying to figure out if these people here for me legit [?]


Wondering, am I really just a number…”7” to be specific.


It’s like

 I’m digging a whole with no shovel.

An Alcoholic on a mission, man I’m just trying to get a 5th.


I feel like he never really answered any of my prayers…

 Or maybe I’m just overlooking his gifts [?]


Just trying to figure out, why her and not me?

 Why him and not ole boy?

Why them and not my people that’s been trying so hard?


Jealousy is a trait.

Humility is with which I will be buried


Life cannot be hurried.


I’m just saying though…I’m just going through it.


 Feel like I’m walking on thin ice, with cracks all through it.

 Just another Life-o-holic trynna get my head in some books, just to get my fix.

 Make knowledge into some real cool shit.


 I don’t really think y’all understand me, this is an addiction

 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit.


 I’m just

an artist with vision and a pen, putting use to my instruments.


I’m just…Im just really going through it.


Just a junkie with a 5th, who called life a “Bitch“;

regrets it and is now on a mission towards knowledge.


Psshh…and Y’all are STILL left CLUELESS.




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