Investigate and Replenish

This is the First 48.

No Sleep until I reach Law & Order

CSI my mind…who tried to ruin it?

The Closer I get…the further they hide.


True criminal stories.

Label me another Public Enemy.

Case Closed.

The Shield is impenetrable .

Within in the First 48 …

Catch me if you can !

Im thinking OUTSIDE the box

Neither will Wii play stationary to Life.

Music is their facade,

but that mask is universal.

Only the notes this song bird tweets lets Freedom Ring.

Unravel the public ego, and bundle yourself into the natures.

Caress your mind, and realize..

You can’t only be poisoned unconsciously.

So please remember x marks the spot, think outside the box.

Wii need to understand our daily dose of vitamins shouldn’t be T & V.



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