The Day I Die,

Every sidewalk will talk,

and all the trees will dance,

the wind will stop to listen.


When I die,

My mother will re-embrace me,

because I am back home with her.

She will flood the ocean with her tears of rejoice.





On the die I die,

the streets where every secret is toxic

will finally come clean,

and express its unconditional love for me.


The birds will sing me lullaby’s

to put my soul at ease.

As I rest peacefully in the warmth

of my mother bosom.


On the day I die,

is the day I will give back.

Apologize for certain mishaps, and slips,

but certainly the disrespect.


The clouds will part

to make way for my entrance,

and —

at night,

the moon

will be illuminating grotesquely,

symbolizing my spirit.


The day before,

I could smell the birds of paradise,

with an aroma so strong,

they screamed loud enough for me to wake up,

and realize…



The day I die,

I will be home.



Investigate and Replenish

This is the First 48.

No Sleep until I reach Law & Order

CSI my mind…who tried to ruin it?

The Closer I get…the further they hide.


True criminal stories.

Label me another Public Enemy.

Case Closed.

The Shield is impenetrable .

Within in the First 48 …

Catch me if you can !

Im thinking OUTSIDE the box

Neither will Wii play stationary to Life.

Music is their facade,

but that mask is universal.

Only the notes this song bird tweets lets Freedom Ring.

Unravel the public ego, and bundle yourself into the natures.

Caress your mind, and realize..

You can’t only be poisoned unconsciously.

So please remember x marks the spot, think outside the box.

Wii need to understand our daily dose of vitamins shouldn’t be T & V.




Some asked me once before if I could be anything or anyone in the world, what would it be?

The Answer:




When I’m stressed…

I take shots,

breaking down trees.

Clarity is what I thirst for,

And my fears are starving my needs.


I don’t want to feel a thing,

And the liquor doesn’t ask questions.

My world is dark and cold for a minute,

But the numbness wont last.


I can’t see past the smoke,

I can only see the past.

But still, the trees don’t talk back.


I rest my head

on whatever will

keep it up at the moment.


My regrets are too heavy,

My thoughts moving in slow motion.


Burdens buried me under

Brownish-Green meadows

Of melancholy.

My bed sailing down

Rivers of Rum.


I see the light,

but it’s burning my eyes.

To my demise,

I can hear God laughing

at my home remedies.


Last night,

He turned his blood into

this bottle of wine.

And my faith adapted strength.


Last night,

He turned these munchies

Into Food for Thought,

And my knowledge gained weight.


This morning,

I woke up,

Hand scanned the surfaces.

Until it came upon a glass of clarity,

And alas…

I was replenished.