Love-o-holics Anonymous


Right through the empty cavity.

That’s the similarity between love,

Get caught up in the sweets, you catch a hollow tooth, aka an empty cavity.

Now my tooth’s hollow, like my chest.

What’s the point of having a heart if it’s cold and steadily pumping animosity.

I just wanna down some Pain Killers,

I am sure they can kill these thoughts for me.

Drink a whole 5th to myself, I want to throw up all these memories.

Stick a needle in my vein, just to bring me relief.

I wish I never heard the truth, because I did better when I was blinded by the lies.

I look up wanting to scream.

I can’t sleep,

I wish Freddie was real, walk through my door, and murder me.

That’s only a dream.

I wish you never heard of me.

Love is the nightmare.

I swallowed many fallacies,

That I regurgitated his personality.

Now my guards back up, and my blood is as cold and thin as ice.

The only thing I ever vow to give my all is this pen.

The seasons changed and  in Spring he showed his true colors.

Ironic my Winter was Summer, but this Summer I will most likely Fall victim to my anger.

My hearts been beaten several times before this, what’s the point of attempting restoring it?

Put some alcohol in the wounds.

I can stay aware,

I’m not trying to get played again.

Defense wins championships, I’m never letting love score again…

From now on it’s just:

Me, This Pen, and Time.


Hurricane Emotion

She turned her back on everything


The world is still revolving around her.

Time is non-directional, yet it always moves forward

She’s living in the past;

the has been“s and “the had“s.


Her eyes embodying the oceans…

A sea of tears.

She tried to swim through Hurricane Emotion


Her life’s guard was off duty.


She drowned in the lies, because she let her guard down.

Heart broken like a levy

Only left to wallow in her own agony.


Everyone saw, but no one cloud help.

Many predicted the storm, but she denied the forecast.


That’s when the spiraling down came,

A tornado came ripping off her security blanket.

Now she sits as she arrived in this world…naked.



The storm is no where near over,

The eye of the storm still precipitating mis-beliefs.


Unable to sleep through the pain.

She tries to maintain body heat, but in her most sacred place the lights are out.


Where she lies awaiting predetermined rescue..

The foundation cracks.

She’s falling threw the hole shes dug herself…Relapse.


She looked to the cross, but found no answers within all the red.

If FEMA couldn’t save Katrina,

What kind of hope should she have left?



Living physically, but mentally paralyzed.

She looked into the eye of the storm, but she was only showered with more dishonesty.


She can’t detach herself from what she built.

Blood, Trust, and Love went into what she built.

Even when they threw dirt on her, she continued to build.


Covered in Filth,

But showered in Faith.

She’s now,

Fed up and stagnant.

Confused cause she’s living in days of darkness,

When just across the fence the grass is greener on the other side.



She keeps faith.

Faith that one day this Monster House

Will become a Master House,

When she’s no longer enslaved by her emotions.


The contract contradicts the blue prints.

The feelings filled up to the ceiling,

She doesn’t have insurance to cover that.

Feeling like, she just wants her parents to get that life insurance check.


She asks for reassurance, and that triggers a land slide.

She was sliding down the land she once  stood strong, and tall on.

Everything she’s sacrificed is now tumbling with her.

Now she’s falling to the depths of the emotional wreckage.


How can she ever fathom trust again.

Her hearts gone bankrupt,

Mind said fuck it,

She is about to give up, and settle for that single bedroom apartment.


Whose to say she’s going to survive the other storms to come.

Whose to say she won’t.


She could be dead because she’s stupid, or living because she fell in love with a joke.





So as I recline behind these lies

Seeking to find my own peace of mind, avoiding the real troubles of life.

I take a step back behind the glass of my memories museum, to look at myself in the complicating process and try to explain

why my body’s dictionary defines you as necessary.

I feel nostalgic, because I am longing to re-embrace that one time you and I shared the same smile.

Only that is in the past…and this dedication to you is a blast from the future.


So as I sit at my computer —


Trying to let the past marinate into my fingers,

enabling  my conscience to go through this hard laboring pain,

of motioning my words and molding them into the harsh daggers of the truth compiled of words

developing into similes & personifications.

They stop…

While my minds racing, yet nothing is appearing upon the screen because in reality….

Depicting my feelings onto one lonely piece of paper is just like talking to myself,

only the pen is responding with curves and loops,

and all that’s left written on the paper was the word



[Liar:”to be untruthful“]


See the lies Ive told you, allowed me to realize…

Love isn’t strong enough. Love isn’t visible or existing, just like time.

I’ve discovered: “Love is an ability, not a feeling“.

And noticing the stupidity of being played, makes you feel even worse than having

your heart broken by someone who had a mutual feeling of “Love



I came across my emotions, and every night before that I go to sleep,

With my heart still asking me…Why?

Why do I keep allowing my heart to get tangled in the obstacles of this game you normal beings call life?


Let me sit and list:

All the times I was fine with calling you back to your convenience.

All the times I didn’t mind if you didn’t have the time to kick back. (again to your convenience)

All the times I told you that you weren’t wasting my time,


But see there’s when I lied

Because you always felt it necessary to bless me with your presence or voice,

whenever you were bored out of your mind, or feeling a bit “lonely” on the bed-side.

But now its about time I be upfront, because with our relationship was comprised of lies.


I just wish I had the courage to tell you the truth.

Instead of hearing you repeat ever so famous white lie.

“I Love You Too Baby”