Love-o-holics Anonymous


Right through the empty cavity.

That’s the similarity between love,

Get caught up in the sweets, you catch a hollow tooth, aka an empty cavity.

Now my tooth’s hollow, like my chest.

What’s the point of having a heart if it’s cold and steadily pumping animosity.

I just wanna down some Pain Killers,

I am sure they can kill these thoughts for me.

Drink a whole 5th to myself, I want to throw up all these memories.

Stick a needle in my vein, just to bring me relief.

I wish I never heard the truth, because I did better when I was blinded by the lies.

I look up wanting to scream.

I can’t sleep,

I wish Freddie was real, walk through my door, and murder me.

That’s only a dream.

I wish you never heard of me.

Love is the nightmare.

I swallowed many fallacies,

That I regurgitated his personality.

Now my guards back up, and my blood is as cold and thin as ice.

The only thing I ever vow to give my all is this pen.

The seasons changed and  in Spring he showed his true colors.

Ironic my Winter was Summer, but this Summer I will most likely Fall victim to my anger.

My hearts been beaten several times before this, what’s the point of attempting restoring it?

Put some alcohol in the wounds.

I can stay aware,

I’m not trying to get played again.

Defense wins championships, I’m never letting love score again…

From now on it’s just:

Me, This Pen, and Time.


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