Stopping is the hardest to start, and starting is the hardest to stop.

Told my family I was going to make it to the top, like building blocks.

Then knock yours down, ’cause I don’t like sharing spots.

Put the spotlight on me,

I may reveal something you forgot.

BET I rip mics, and you run away.

Why do you get so high, only to still be-low me?

This Square humiliated you.

Now your living under a rock,

Patrick Star lonely.

Cold world but I’m just heating up

Bout to go HAM, like the other folk you’re just left over bologna.

Beggin’ Oscar for a wiener.

Feeling like the realest out, except for my twin,

He is a mirroring image of me.

I look in his eyes and see mine.

Your reflection is transparent, its apparent your soul is never present

Like drop outs.

You pretend and I’ll educate.

You have friends, I have soul mates.

You sit around, I bus through time like tour dates.

I’m sure you’d hate for to me to succeed,

I wont be greedy tho.

I sell you a dream for a dollar,

Then wake you up, like I’m one of Krueger’s kin.

Too dope for crack, and too ill for common colds.

Meaning if Common was as sick as me, maybe he’d still love H.E.R,

Instead of H.E.R lusting some these other foes!



The Marathon Continues

No shame in observing the dictionary,

Now if you said thesaurus, then this visionary would have been suspicious

Kinda nervous, someones because always trying to duplicate me.

Ignorance is bliss, they cant see that

Nobody can be me, but the fucking mirror.

Dripping like visine, I’m trying make my message clearer.

I like mine in secrets, hes been trying decode the number,

Tell him I’m a star, so try 69

So he poured me a couple glasses of wine,

I shake my head, no duty wine

In this life you only gain as much as you whine.

I knew sleep was the cousin of death but I didn’t know his grandfather was time

Be in a space you can wind down,

Allow your thoughts to flow like the Nile.

Always go the extra mile, everyone’s still stuck 8.

I skipped to 10, cause I grabbed the 9 and told that bitch to lay down!

The marathon continues….

Accidents Happen

I live every day as if its my last,

I can see the future me winning,

I took a couple plays out the playbook.

New school vibe with an old soul,

Ive been high for so long, my feet knows no lows.

A couple scrapped knees —

I’d rather that, than to be laying with the flowers and some fleas.

These ladies today disgust me.

I never had a barbie, so hanging with the plastics was never up for discussion.

This a lil freestyle; Im not trying to create a ruckus, but

If the buzz is contagious the haters gone be mad, and

Ima have to sleep with one eye open, or

 I may be taking the bottle to the head like Richard T. Jones.

Tho I don’t condone being wasteful, I’m wasted.

Cross paths with aliens –Cross faded.

I’m so ahead of my time, I am reminiscing on current events.

Sunglasses tinted like a Cadillac.

I want a man I can say, “we go way back like 4 flats….”

How cliche is that?

I’m just searching through tunes like any maniac

Trying to catch up with my dreams, there’s a reason I am an insomniac.

Its unhealthy, but I’m sick, how can you argue with that?

Many hope that i’ll flop, but I was never a fan of Divac.

I am going hard like Shaquille.

Ima need a Kobe to pass the Mic to

Brace yourself for Game 5

Don’t panic and call Kanye, Ima win it all without Theraful

iLLFoLK Conglomerate

You gotta be high for this, stop feeling so low, and let the flight ignite you.

All Aboard

Med cards like passports.

This flight has my eyes red.


People ask me how I got to the top, I tell them I’m fly.

I don’t even have to try.


“Where’s my lighter?”


I prefer glass opposed to plastic, I can see right through you, like some glasses.

I never come in last son.

Fuck a cool kid — I just stroll and walk past them.

The jock on campus.

In a group full of dope rappers.


Lames ducking our bars like limbo; this a freestyle

I call it incidental.

I pick up the pen, and aim it at your mental.


My rhymes got you feelin’ bad?


Pull out my tiny violin;

Play a sad instrumental.


So far gone


I’m a tiger to these city cats — You city rat.

You can stay in the trap;

Honey to these cocaine fiends.


Running out of breath,

Close to passing out.

Intoxicated words

I keep slurring, but to be honest

Tomorrow all this will be a blurr.


2 tokes for iLLFoLK


Then I pass it left

No that ain’t right, or is it?

I can’t remember the rotation.

I’m spacing, no sleep.

Excuse my impatience.


I was taught to hustle hard,

Cause my ancestors did.

So Who else would I do it for?


Who am I?

They ask me


Golden Brown-skin, I’m a Cali baby

Watching the sunset turn skies pink

As I’m walking finding shells in the street, I’m not walking on the beach.

Ghetto birds keep me up, the waves should be singing me to sleep.


Admit it my flow is pretty damn unique

It’s pretty fucking neat

Like someone with OCD



Mic check 1, 2, 3

Passing by time in class line after line, sheet after sheet

Stick out my tongue and point my middle finger; like Fuck You!

Hol up let me get the other one; Fuck Everybody!


Who exactly are you?

Who wouldn’t want to be me?

Who would want to be you?



Nobodies showing up.


Every party got the people yelling iLLFoLK !!