Accidents Happen

I live every day as if its my last,

I can see the future me winning,

I took a couple plays out the playbook.

New school vibe with an old soul,

Ive been high for so long, my feet knows no lows.

A couple scrapped knees —

I’d rather that, than to be laying with the flowers and some fleas.

These ladies today disgust me.

I never had a barbie, so hanging with the plastics was never up for discussion.

This a lil freestyle; Im not trying to create a ruckus, but

If the buzz is contagious the haters gone be mad, and

Ima have to sleep with one eye open, or

 I may be taking the bottle to the head like Richard T. Jones.

Tho I don’t condone being wasteful, I’m wasted.

Cross paths with aliens –Cross faded.

I’m so ahead of my time, I am reminiscing on current events.

Sunglasses tinted like a Cadillac.

I want a man I can say, “we go way back like 4 flats….”

How cliche is that?

I’m just searching through tunes like any maniac

Trying to catch up with my dreams, there’s a reason I am an insomniac.

Its unhealthy, but I’m sick, how can you argue with that?

Many hope that i’ll flop, but I was never a fan of Divac.

I am going hard like Shaquille.

Ima need a Kobe to pass the Mic to

Brace yourself for Game 5

Don’t panic and call Kanye, Ima win it all without Theraful

iLLFoLK Conglomerate

You gotta be high for this, stop feeling so low, and let the flight ignite you.

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