The Marathon Continues

No shame in observing the dictionary,

Now if you said thesaurus, then this visionary would have been suspicious

Kinda nervous, someones because always trying to duplicate me.

Ignorance is bliss, they cant see that

Nobody can be me, but the fucking mirror.

Dripping like visine, I’m trying make my message clearer.

I like mine in secrets, hes been trying decode the number,

Tell him I’m a star, so try 69

So he poured me a couple glasses of wine,

I shake my head, no duty wine

In this life you only gain as much as you whine.

I knew sleep was the cousin of death but I didn’t know his grandfather was time

Be in a space you can wind down,

Allow your thoughts to flow like the Nile.

Always go the extra mile, everyone’s still stuck 8.

I skipped to 10, cause I grabbed the 9 and told that bitch to lay down!

The marathon continues….

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