My First Legal Drink : Priceless

July 1, 2013
Dear World,
       Barely a week has passed since I’ve turned 21, and Saturday I lost my ID…..sigh.
I’m really too bummed about it, because I took it as a sign. For some days I had been feeling “disconnected”. In which case, I ventured off to my place of peace, the Beach. During my admiration of I being a witness of the sunset, I guess, somehow my ID and bus card slipped out my pocket. I was so in awe, I stood and watched as it was carried away in the swallow of waves.
The Pacific Ocean, Mother Nature had embraced me. With this overwhelming feeling of comfort.Still grasping the reality; now more than ever I am connected with the world.
Yes, we all leave footprints that get washed away as if we were never there, but I stood and thought with excitement where will I end up?! Who will find me?! Better who will I find?
I am at peace.
(Don’t confuse with passion with pure happiness. In reality it really sucks that it happened lol)
However I try to envision silver lines in clouds. More than ever I can be whoever I want to be! I can be a kid again, having aged wisdom.
I mean I wanted a new ID anyways, maybe in this new one I won’t look like a Hobbit.
[Below are pictures I took in the moment]