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My First Legal Drink : Priceless

July 1, 2013
Dear World,
       Barely a week has passed since I’ve turned 21, and Saturday I lost my ID…..sigh.
I’m really too bummed about it, because I took it as a sign. For some days I had been feeling “disconnected”. In which case, I ventured off to my place of peace, the Beach. During my admiration of I being a witness of the sunset, I guess, somehow my ID and bus card slipped out my pocket. I was so in awe, I stood and watched as it was carried away in the swallow of waves.
The Pacific Ocean, Mother Nature had embraced me. With this overwhelming feeling of comfort.Still grasping the reality; now more than ever I am connected with the world.
Yes, we all leave footprints that get washed away as if we were never there, but I stood and thought with excitement where will I end up?! Who will find me?! Better who will I find?
I am at peace.
(Don’t confuse with passion with pure happiness. In reality it really sucks that it happened lol)
However I try to envision silver lines in clouds. More than ever I can be whoever I want to be! I can be a kid again, having aged wisdom.
I mean I wanted a new ID anyways, maybe in this new one I won’t look like a Hobbit.
[Below are pictures I took in the moment]

Life’s a Beach

I need my place of peace. I need to stare into the ocean and see my reflection. I need run my fingers through the sand, so my heart can convince my mind to release me.I need to see the stars, and shout to my ancestors even if they can’t hear me. I just want them to know that I’m listening. And I want to go there with my pen and my pad and illustrate what I see through words and not images. I just want to lay back with my eyes close and hear the waves whispering.