A Strangers Greatest Gift

People can’t smell their own shit, like they have something up their noses.
They don’t even bother to flush the toilet.
That stench could make this whole place a hazard zone.

Danger! Danger!
Read all about it.
There’s knives in backs, children slain, and money missing out of wallets.

These mask are impeccable,
Who are the cosmetologist?
Quite plastic you are, because you don’t feel a thing.
Your smile is misery’s company.

Am I your pain medicine?
When you’re hurting, you use me, and abuse me.
Leaving me clueless & empty.
Vacant like the lots that surround our inner cities.

In the shadows of the Hollywood lights –
Do the people who don’t have property own the streets, or is this war?

I have the tattoos of a warrior,
Inexperienced perceptions of being ready for the battle,
I fought back.
Revealing contusions deeper than trenches
Thankfully, spirits cannot be paralyzed.

But surely they can be idle.

Fairy tale endings don’t exist in this nightmare.
I told you I’d never leave you, and you abandoned me.

I guess along with depression, vanity is your companion, because
They are the only two things that seem to last in this material world
where wearing aura isn’t fashionable, but
Lady Gaga’s doing something right.

Danger! Danger!
Read all about it
There’s parent-less children, starving countries, corruption in knowledge, and misuse of power!

Why should we pay to go to college if I am the future?
People should learn to invest in tomorrow.

Trying to drink from the fountain of youth,
When did it become so hard to swallow?

You’ve been marinating for some years,
Give thanks for the time borrowed.

Like napkins you can’t give it back, at least not the way you accepted it.
What do all these preconceived beliefs of being immaculate mean?

Days continue to elapse.
I’ve been pregnant with this piece.

I don’t know about you, but I came out the womb screaming!
Hanging by a thread they cut without my permission.
I was covered in blood, they should’ve gave me a few more minutes
Before cutting off my oxygen, my food supply…..most importantly my mother & I’s connection.

So you see, you cant get clean, if you haven’t been dirty.
And just because you’re standing now, doesn’t mean that you are sturdy.
Unless you’re a palm tree?
Deceivingly slim, surprisingly strong.

I use to think the dew on grass were tears from trees, because they were lonely.

Danger! Danger!
Read all about it.
Don’t follow the shadows, they can’t see where they’re headed.
The blind leading the blind is a misconception.

My pen is my weapon,
That only spreads love.
Every stranger could use one.

Vigilant Leighrick

Opposites Attract : You Can’t Choose Love

She see’s the mask your hiding behind.

Your life is like a charades game.

You’re living with the finer things,

But she see’s your dying inside.

Leaving a piece of yourself with all these misses,

But what your missing is the mate; in which your soul’s been trying to find.

How can you find love,

If your not searching for the love you have for self?

Who hurt you, to make you hurt her?

Suddenly all those “last times” turn into an eternity

And now, when she hears “I’m sorry“, it’s meaningless.


Why do you do the opposite of what you feel?

Even still she suffers from love, because she just wants you feel.

Feel something!

She stuck in his story,

because he hasn’t dealt with what’s happened in the past.

She stays.

At a distance, but in a way

At an arms reach.

He sees, yes he sees too.

Past the facade she displays,

She’s weary, but her journey continues.

Not sure whether she should stay stationed in this storm until the sunshine,

or move on past the grey skies, because she aware of other shelter.

But why?

Why did she leave?

Why didn’t she stay?

Comprised beliefs.

False visions of the future.

Repressed disbelief.


She stays.

He comes and goes as he pleases.

She stays.

Occasionally he sees himself in the mirror.

So…she stays.

Because she sees what he refuses.

He believes what she denies.

And still–

Love chooses to stay.

Love knows what they both don’t.

Love knows if and when to fade.


When Love makes its decision.

They’ll both know the feeling of pain.

Either in dismiss or rejoice.

This rain,

This rain,

Hasn’t only rained on one persons house.


This journey of the Geminis continues,

so this too shall pass. . . . .