Give a Little Light

      Can you shine a little light on me? When my days are rainy, and my hearts feeling cold. Would you shine a little light one me? You may not know me, but when we’re strangers on the streets could you smile at me instead of scolding.

      I need your soul to glow when my eyes get low, and my head drops down. Your laugh would heal the pain of not having someone to hold. Be Bold.

      When my tears fall through the pillow, would you catch them with your ears? Hear my agonies silent echoes sulking in the dim hallway. Please just ring the doorbell and say “Hi” to me.

       Should I beg now? Please shine a little light one me! When I cant see past the smoke, I need a bit of guidance. You haven’t met me at my finest, but God isn’t finished with me yet.

      So are you going to shine a little bit light on me? Because my light is kind of faint. Just fill my cup halfway, and I’ll take it from there. You’ll see that this little light of mine, I’m gone let it shine. You’ll see millions of souls will radiate when they hear me, because I hear them.

      I was them. I am them? Please, would you shine a little light one me; because I want to help heal the pain



Wings Under Tailored Suits

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