Sidewalk Secrets

The City never sleeps. The reason they envy the stars so much, is because the real ones seem so out of reach. Each I see I try to teach.

I want to be remembered in every encounter. Post it my history. I post up posters of eyes, andI hope they see -They cant hide.They cant be lowkey. In order to see change, the change you must be. Like the ones on the street are beggin for; While your on your way home to eat.

I cant say I’m complete, tho Im in competition with those whom are elite. My smile is their displeasure, I insipre those I meet. My soul gives off an energy stronger than a Rockstar drink,– you wont crash.

Take a flight with me. Sprout wings and see the planet in the prospective of the universe. Bodies steady leaving this earth in a hearse not even a proper burial.

I’m just trying to be reimbursed in my actions by actually knowing what its worth. I dont know where to end, but i know Ive started it when I was destined.




I wrote this for a good friend of mine [Daniel L.]; he took this picture below. He asked me to write a piece to go along with his picture, total freedom ! and Sidewalk Secrets came to be!


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