Words Involving You

Lately, I can’t seem to take the “i” out of Pain. Instead I try and focus on the word “believe”, but I couldnt get over the fact within that word is the word “lie”. What is belief without Truth?
At night I go outside, sit on my porch with my hoodie on my head, and star gaze.
Blowing smoke in-disguise.
The person I have the potential to be is unrecognizable. Somehow tho, she is the person every one see’s when looking at me. I see glimpses, but it seems evident to everyone except me. I wonder – Is this about accepting? Could be I too busy worrying about protection? After all failure is inevitable, and when it all falls down I must pick my self up.
Ultimately, I have discovered that Faith is one of the greatest test in life. I noticed that all of these words have an “I” in it as well. You see often doubt is captivating; however, I refuse to imprison myself. I tried asking myself what’s better, critiquing the game or playing it for yourself?
Then I answered…..


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