Space Log – Excerpt 1 : Homecoming

Space Log – Excerpt 1 : Homecoming

I recently touched down from a not too distant galaxy. I am enthralled by the orbit. It allowed much needed time for reflection. Often times, the asteroids resembled fractures of glass, each one compacted with microscopic still-life images.

I’ve been thinking throughout the journey of this orbit. How great is it when people grow up but never change(?!) [You know?] Their face’s a little more mature, but their smile remains the same. Last night isn’t quiet comprehensible in words. It was one of those, “You had to be there moments”.

Crazy tho — How the majority of life, the conception of your internal self (i.e conscience) and physical being are essentially identical [with the exception of awareness & obvious physical maturation]. Suddenly, an epiphany; the same face you bear in mind and see in baby pictures, then turns into a moment you actually look IN the mirror instead of AT it. Through the pupils and as a pupil, dilating, dissecting, then realizing the person you’ve grown into.

While in orbit the stars form a lane, and the memories, the laughs, the sorrows, transitions into the simplicity of analyzing childhood for what it was. However, still being able to hold on to the analytical perspective of growth, and commonalities of your spirit haven’t changed. They now coincide. You get a sense of fate…perhaps destiny — that “Damn, everything really does happen for a reason” moment. Realizing dreams are not just meant for sleeping.

I relive the memories as toddler, through grade school and on, but I cherish the people who’ve experienced life with me even more.

I look forward to the next time.
Undoubtedly one of the best feelings will always be growing old with you all.

Loggin’ Out.

Until the end,


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