Who here is familiar with Limitations? Who here has been told you cant, but wont stop? Believers never die, due to broken dreams we often cry. I remember being told in song ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’, but what if today doesn’t last? I remember being shown to ‘dance in the rain’, but what if I cant dance? I remember being told to ‘follow your dreams’, but what if I don’t wake up?…Ending the story in the beginning will make you take a second look.

High hopes praying before the leap of faith.

Don’t look down.


Bellows of unhappiness erupt from the bellies of beasts.

When you jump, they try to grab hold of your feet.

Not to take a walk in your shoes, their aim is defeat.

To bring you down and have a feast.

On what you only know as ambition, but to them it’s sweet.

Something not come across to often, so when they smell it

These sharks turn into leech.

Bottom feeders.

Don’t look down.

Hold on to the branches of the trees.

Make the plank you walk across, but

Aim to fly and not to dive, cause you’ll sink.

If you rely on fans, cool will be your only degree.

With no dimensions to you,

one square out of the whole Rubiks.

Can’t tell you what to do, but

I know that if you never stop believing the dreams come true.

Even after you.

Believers never die, whosoever believes it lives in them too.

Where are you in life right now?

The reflections on you.

Whether mirror, water, picture, or portrait.

I’m asking you.

Your vision can’t speak.

Your ears can’t breathe.

Your heart can’t think.

Your brain can’t eat.

That’s what they’re thinking.

Hear what I’m saying.

You can see your thoughts before your speak em.

Ears may not breathe in, but every breathe inhaled…hearing that should be inspiration.

Hearts act upon emotions, those thoughts manifest in feelings.

And if brain’s aren’t fed, that explains the malnutrition of their beings.

So turn your back, and step off your comfort level

Fall through the stars.

Floating on clouds until your Spirit sprouts wings.

They’ll want to follow your lead.

Every rock cast you use as a stepping stone.

There is no limit to the top,

its called the top cause there’s always room to get stepped on.

That’s why you aim for your highest.

to be continued..


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