Ring the Bell

[Doorbells Rings].

I have too much free time on my hands
So in my coat pockets I sell watches
On the train and at the bus stops.
Teaching myself guitar sitting upon the stars
Strummin’ my instrument just looking for some applause
Maybe a couple bucks, but I’m not looking for a come up
I’m seeking change, I’m not talking loose quarters
Bet two dimes couldn’t catch the knowledge Im kicking.
Bet you they get flipped like test papers once you see how low that grade is.
Fear none but the most high
Not scared of heights, so everyday I take flight
Elevation stipulations require red eyes.
O.M.G I looked down, and I’m shocked at the time !
It’s always moving forward, tho it feels I always seemed to get left behind.
But three lefts are bound to make a right
With these papers bound together all I can do is write.
I stay up 24hrs straight, and at breakfast I pretend that everything’s alright
The facade shadows the darkness of the knight
In kombat
My pen is my sword, so my technique is immortal!
You’re moral less
Trying to be a Hero to these zeroes, but you keep falling in the holes I dig!
I get deep like trenches
Alot of people can’t stand me!
Always keep a stool handy
With one microphone, just in case I’m feelin like Nas.
Whoa sir, your feelings on NOS!
You’re moving too fast, we haven’t gotten out of park.
I like long walls…
That gives us time to talk
Yea talk is cheap, but I’ll always give my 2 sense and pay attention
Subliminal Simping on twitter, but I won’t mention that it’s you.
And this bed Im laying in I made for two.
Until then thoughts of you will have to do to fill the spot in.
As I’m dreaming with my third eye soaking reality in
Living dreams with my chakras open
Positive energy has me feeling omnipotent !
The feelings behind these words have me all choked up, the pain is hard to swallow.
Throw me a lil shade, it may rain on my parade,
but Annie and my phone remind me the sun will come out tomorrow.
I’m just a squirel trying to get some peanut butter f–k a nut
Just trying to jam to my own muse, don’t be jelly, show me love.
Busy wishing the grass on my side is dyed, but respect ain’t just for men
Aretha said it best, I feel no need to spell it out again.
Ain’t no mountain high enough that I ain’t climbing,
Aint no river that I ain’t cried wider than,
And ain’t no valleys more shallow than a California kids
I’m a ’92 riots south central baby,
West side till I die, Tupac saved me!
Death threats and Love notes
HUG life, I dropped the T – now Im
Shooting arrows into hearts,
Cupid owes homage to me!
no B’s, C’s, only G’s
Not the type to rock some BCBG
but I’ll macklemore a thrift store, and cop like 3 Tees for $5 each
I got $20 in my wallet
A pocket full of tokens
And some hope full of pride that’ll send me chasing after doors left open !
Opportunity knocks…

To be continued



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