What if the joy of yesterday encounters sorrows of tomorrow?

Would you smile because you’ve seen another day, or complain because the smile you had has been borrowed?

Cliche as it may seem, be grateful for what you have.

Many children have never seen the light beyond the womb, and many people only known the comfort in the darkness of a tomb.

What if Doom’s Day was yesterday? and Today Hell froze over.

Would you shed a tear for the lost ones, or bask in the triumph with the other surviving soldiers?

This is a catch-22

You can’t control whether you win or you lose – Life is crazy like that. I saw it killing on the news, I heard it singing in the blues, I could taste it’s celebration in homemade stew.

I’ve held it in my arms, and in the morning I smell it in the dew.

Life proposed these questions, now I am asking them to you.

What Would You Do?


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