Sweetest Taboo

Currently, my favorite word is “I“. One is the magic number.

Every conversation is like a confession; I know you want feedback.

I can be your dessert for thought, the sweetest taste of intellect.

While sleeping you hear the birds tweet, and you’ll follow them.

But only if they lead you to me.

I don’t normally look people in the eyes, but its your intentions Im trying to see.

I play it cool.


You try and let your mind go astray.

Finding yourself smiling; then you realize, you’ve been thinking of me all day.

You stop to wonder, do I think about you too?

[Maybe not the amount, but at least in the same ways]


If you tripped would I laugh, or would I bend down to tie your shoe?

Would I catch you? Are you falling?

I wouldn’t watch, I’d grab your hand and take you higher.

Aiming toward the moon, reaching for the stars.

Wading in the clouds.


I’m peeping through the hole that has been under construction…for a while.

You’re knockings on the gate are faint;unfortunately to your pleas of affection….

Currently I am deaf.

Mute, unheard of feelings, unshared emotions, my secrets are kept.


Decipher my pieces, and decode my being.

2pac saw death around the corner, I can only imagine

because I feel like Cupids stalking me.


I’m taking a light jog, you keep trying to race me full speed!


Cant spell potential, without potent.

Allowing my heart slow down a couple beats.

Like seeing a good menu you before you feast.

Time is deceptive that I’ve learned to use my watch as a piece.

So with this piece, I am allowing you access to a clue in my mystery.

I apologize if this so happens to play with your Psyche.


I just made a vow —

Never let my heart think, and never let my mind feel.


My headaches turn to heartaches, suddenly I wont feel shit.

I close my eyes and maintain my stride.

And see, when I get to the finish line…if your there at the end.



Subliminal Trenches

You dig, I trip.

You keep diggin’, I’ll fall.

You dig deeper, I might evolve  into someone greater than the woman before the fall.

Will you catch me?

If not, I hope there’s cushioning.

I’m not comfortable falling under the conditions of second guessing.

I don’t think I’m ready. I swear, I turned my head and you pushed me.

Or was it when I bent down to tie my shoe, is that the reason you offered to do it for me?

You put a lot of work into that digging, was it all for me?

Or is there another falling after me, Is there someone before me?

Am I the only one trying to grasp it?


I know that some times happens, but I’m not too fond of traffic.

Is this a two way street?

Red is Stop. Yellow is Yield. Green is Go.

So should I go now, slow down, and stop completely at a stand-still?

Or should I stop now, start slow, then go through with the motions.

At the rate I’m falling now…I may hit the bottom of the ocean.

I’m running out of metaphors, I think I have hit the bottom line.

Like basically, I like you. I can see Love if we both try.


I’m not sure if you know this poem is about you. I’d be disappointed if you couldn’t decipher

if your right from what I write.

Sometimes I feel like you know me so well, but there’s a lot of stuff I hide.

Like my smile behind my pride. The pain behind my eyes. The fear behind my laugh. These feelings behind these lines.


Truthfully, I had to write this to get you off my mind.

Unfortunately, right now I don’t have time.


I have tunnel vision. Right now I’m at that red light.

I’ma take my time tho, until that light mellows out to yellow.

When I have my goals straight, my thoughts in place, and my dreams at the finish line.

If you’re still there waiting, I’ll come pick you up on the way.


All I ask of you is not to feel obligated to wait on me.

I’m still waiting on myself.

I’d rather put development into myself, instead of you accompanying me on the trail and errors.

I want to be ready. I have yet to discover my full self.

I guess I wrote this piece to express these feelings subliminally.

I’ll laugh when you think this poem is about you, but

Who else could it be?