I am just trying to get some sleep! A little bit of peace, without the ghetto birds humming, while I’m trying to put my mind at ease.
Now I know why it’s called slumber, cause I’m slumped under these covers, trying to recreate the sound thunder into soft waves that glide up and caress sand. Trying to find my space, in a place unknown to the famished cats and prostitutes. Even if I tried to rest, I can’t help but hear the city crying. So instead I’ll say a prayer, and lend my shoulders. Lay here and envision a community healing the torn streets, hearts, families, and believe that in the mirror that smile is the change I’m starting to see.
I digress- the wait of the world.
Uplifting me.
Chuckling as my eyes get heavy.
This was the missing piece,
The remedy, I must

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