Am I?

To whom it may concern,


Am I really of much help to you, I felt your heart thaw as I held it in my hand..I felt is pump bass, like you were part of my band.. I thought I was of importance when you told me you loved me.. I’m on the bottom shelf, a lot of other shit is above me? Do you love me?


Or do I just resemble the other half of your sign, How come I’m always late at least half of the time, how come I have to pay for some other peoples crimes? When the world dulls you out, I still see your shine..


I’m just saying, I love you but what am I really to you? Truthfully speaking it’s some crazy shit I would do, just to make you smile, just to hear you maybe once cry out to me, if I am one ocean, then your my seven seas. Ima die over you, you’re my favorite damn disease. The funny thing about it, is its only you I aim to please.


Am I more than just temporary, a fling left in July?
Let me know now, cause the love I have is legendary.


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