Misty Eyes

Lust will set a trap

Don’t fall for it

or else you’ll fall

in the dusts of love

trying to catch it.

While the memories slowly

collect dust.

You cleanse your body

of the mud that the tears created.

You washed the clothes you wore that day

so much they faded.

They see you and

act like they don’t know you.

As if you didn’t share a past

when you’re in each others presence.

I guess that love scheme was just a blessing,

in disguise of genius.

Who knew

not to mix emotions in with their lovemaking.

I would ask about values,

But how much Self-worth

is Self-pity?

You dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s,

still the P’s and Q’s leave you questioning.

Ain’t that peculiar?

You use to be gay with eyes filled with glee,

Singing the songs of others

that once experienced the same love.


The rainbow that came into sight

when it rained

on your parade

is now

a new shade of grey.


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