Drift toward lust and into Love,

Aware that it isn’t the destination.

Tip-toeing behind feelings,

Displacing any confrontation.

Collecting thoughts, still

Coincidentally convenient to lose count.

This should not be quoted rather noted.

Visualize simplicity that isn’t superficial,

With no remorse in being sacrificial.

Stress has aged patience fine,

With thin borderlines of passing and capturing time.

Coin theories.

Laws of Love; along with its languages.

Lose change and be senseless, or

Quarter morale and gain riches.

Desire abandonment but resent the satisfaction of being nameless.

Lying around feeling shameless about the truth.

Lost Nomad unsure of where home is,

and unaware of how to replace it.

This has been endured before.

Explain this?

Can’t seem to put a name to it.

Wild streaming clarity.

Emotional obscurity.

Be Frank

Ample of fish in the sea, but

Sure enough plenty are lonely.

Swim Good.


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