Chest Piece

Heavy is the head that falls. Sharp are the words that severed it, with memories still embedded. If its one thing we have in common, death we’ll never forget. Who’s next on the chopping block? When that question’s asked, that is when all the chatter stops. People apply fear like sun block; I apply fear as motivation. I cried the river, built the bridge, and I’d be damned if I couldn’t get over it.

Failures always an option when winning is. Even Jesus wasn’t born with faithful witnesses. They can doubt me all they want, but the big picture being talk about is the one I’m painting. Others are finger painting, finger licking, sharing meals with snakes and shaking hands with misanthropes.

I’m a revolutionary whose evolutions wont be cast on reality television. Through my words I tell my visions. Through my vision I see my disposition.

Gone with the wind as my spirits gets lifted. I see they’re trying to shift their point of view in front of me. Their parents weren’t glass makers, still I see translucence. More fickle than straw, please don’t “Hey” me, that’s for horses.

Instead – Namaste, peace be with you and the all positive forces. Red carpet star wars. Battlefields; souls cemented in Hollywood floors. Who can act the realest for our entertainment?

They are tamed with brains washed. I am watching National Geographic studying my roar and picking my main. They said the end is upon us, it’s probably just a commercial break. Remember when the world ended in Y2K?

The computers did turn majority into slaves. Plastering faces on cyber books, with cyber crooks, and peeping cyber toms who created my space just to follow me, laugh when I take a tumblr or two, and then instagram my face.

I decided to take another approach and have people follow me to press my words for the exposure of truth


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