Willing Love

My eyes have opened. My mouth has closed. My ears are tuned in.

You got me focused In this moment, I can’t move, only stare.

Play a game of truth, if we dare. How bout two truths and a lie?

I’m falling for you. I’m on the ground. I don’t know how I got here.

I only know I don’t want to leave, like the branches from the trees when Autumn comes around.

Unaware of where we’re going, I just know I’m with it if your with it.

I don’t mean to be blunt, but I can take you higher, if your willing?

In this room feeling boxed in; however there’s no ceiling. Just mirrors.

I paint the picture, not brave enough to be detailed, but I know you see the image. Like when you fall asleep and dream, yeah I know that I be in ’em.

Chasing thoughts, you try to hide, instead I’m conquering your vision. Trying to cease your emotions, they’re so deep I can swim in them. If I start drowning, does that mean I’m the reason your feeling them?

All those bad memories am I killing them? Like there’s a reason you didn’t meet me first, then you wouldn’t know this feeling then.

Love doesn’t come easy not even when it leaves. Stick with me and you’ll know when it comes it’ll never leave.



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