Love at First Sight

I had a dream. Now don’t get me wrong I am no King, but I’ve discovered the Queen within. Last night, I almost got stuck in my dream. I was caught up with the future me. Who was essentially teaching me a couple of helpful things.

When I first fell asleep she appeared, and I blurted out, “Hello Beautiful!”. Only seeing her phantom; a physique fit of stanzas. The closer she approached the more she seemed divine. She had a smile that amplified the grace in the dullest room. It was as if she was draped in sonnets, she herself was a Haiku.

Grabbing my hand we transcended through memories, thoughts, emotions,and ideas….We arrived. Our destination concealed. As we’re starring out from breathtaking elevations, it was silent. The lesson of the moment spoke in volumes of energy.

It’s as if I had too many– too many dreams. This experience made the impossible seem possible. I saw the path I started. I am living proof of how far I’ve come, and now I’m standing here with what will be.

She held me in the cusp of her arms next to our heart. By that I mean, she held the me I was as a child. Singing– I don’t remember my voice ever being so inspiring. I didn’t want to leave. She had yet to show me what she’s accomplished, only who she has become.

I fell in Love. There was this surge of energy throughout my body, like my heart was replenished. And after such rejuvenation — I woke up.

All this time I’ve felt crushed thinking Love left me, I was thoroughly mistaken. Last night, before the tears rolled off my face she raised my chin. I found Love again, in her eyes.


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