Please Don’t Catch Me

Placing my heart in his hands,  he embrace it.

Trying to describe falling in love with him, is like describing colors to the blind.

My heart has finally realized what my head has known all this time..

He Loves Me.

He looks into me, my eyes feeding his ego..

I mean

I catch myself being so deep,

that I can see the reflection of my smile taking the shape of his soul.

He Loves Me.

This is how I express my love to you —

Descriptions of him taken by every pleasurable adjective

I can try  to further elaborate my feelings…

But I begin to make up words..

He heals me.

I fell so hard into this hole we’ve dug, that we know we can never stop falling.

It’s not  just one thing, or somethings, its everything.

He is my everything, a gifted by his presence everyday?

He kisses me, I inhale his seconds of breath.

I sink into his mouth

He ingests my every reflex,

Dreams have become a tease,  cravings and wishes of you here,

have been replaced with the warmth and realness of your skin.

Love is an endless battle, he fights for me.

I’ve fallen for all that which my warrior defends.

His love for me,


I cant sleep, if I do I dream about you…and when I dream, I cant sleep…

Its too hard to be without you..

I whisper in your ear the depths ecstasy, I long for you to see.

I wish I could lay my head on your chest, allowing you to be all I need…


He holds me.

In the still of the night.

I am restless.

He places me on top of him, and I fall asleep

to the rhythm of his heartbeats.

Even a thousand miles away,

He loves me.


Even with a heart of gold is my talk still cheap?

Music isn’t soothing to me.

This page is comforting my spirit, but my body is still lonely,

I miss you…

My pen strokes illustrate your energy.

I begin to float towards him.

Hijacking the wings of hopes and prayers to get to you, any way I can.

If I make my wish, will you still grant it?

The shooting star heading exactly in the direction I want…

But I’m taking my time with him…

Everything about him makes me want to exceed all boundaries.

Surpassing our present reality;

Moving mountains, Throwing rain…

His body as my promise land,

His heart as my home.




Yo! First off, I would just like to say that growing up is such an experience ! Throughout the failure and the success, I just really feel myself learning & becoming more wise throughout these years !

Secondly, I would just like to add that doing what you love may not always be easy, but let me tell you the satisfaction from the struggle is worth it all ! You have to work for what you love, and if you love what you do it doesnt feel like you’ve worked at all! Everything takes time, that doesn’t mean sit around and wait for it to fall in your lap, it means until that time comes – GO GET IT !

To experience stress and pressure, better yet the test of my Faith in myself ! and just keeping the faith that it WILL work ! Its not only knowing it, not only feeling it, but not settling for LESS. The people I surround myself with i.e My Teammates & My Family, the people I speak to on a more intimate level of relationships/friendships…..Man I Love You ALL. Seriously

Not Only 2013, but these YEARS ARE MINE ! Im WORKING for it ALL.

Im doing what I Love !
Writing, Playing Basketball, Learning ! …Yo Im just truly blessed I am doing all these things that make me happy. I will not keep taking advantage of life !