Life x Infinity

A lifeline of timeless love.
Listening to thoughts.
A Lifetime of memories.
Feelings of pain in pleasure.
Life x Infinity
This light will shine forever.
Define the number of times, we wished we could hit rewind, then get wrapped up in the future.
Practice Presence.
Today is what we have to hold,
A gift held together tight with arms like bows.
What matters is what’s inside, us.
The magic of wisdom, worth more than gold.
The sunsets.
Eyes close.
The sunrises.
Eye lids unfold like the stories whispered in our dreams.

Oooh, how I long to decipher what it all really means…..


Tasting the Grape Vine

Open your eyes

I know it’s bright

The enlightenment

I can smell the fear

I can taste the excitement.

If you look past the horizon.

I am what you’ll find.

Out the box,

Can’t nobody keep me from flying.

I can hear the uncertainty in your voice,

It’s easy to tell you’ve been lying,

Down with conformity.

I’ll always stand tall

Like my knees don’t bend.

Tell a friend, to tell a friend

I want my name to nourish the grape vine.

My message is in plain sight,

You just have to be blind enough to hear.

Ray Charles to the bullshit

Hellen Keller to the greatest.